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MLB and the players’ association could not agree on negotiations over a new labor-management agreement, and the team has been locking out since December last year. During this time, all negotiations and contracts are stopped.Aiming to become a major player using the posting system from HiroshimaSeiya SuzukiOutfielders are no exception, and although the names of the teams that are eager to acquire them are mentioned, there is no concrete progress.

While the chaotic situation continues, the US media “MLB Trade Rumors” dealing with transfer information said on the 10th (11th Japan time) about Suzuki, “If the lockout is prolonged, it is not a shock to choose to return to Japan.” I told you.

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■ It makes sense to enter the SF Giants

At the beginning of “MLB Trade Rumors”, I want to add a right-handed hitter to the lineupSan Francisco GiantsHowever, he points out that he continues to have an interest in Suzuki. The team and Suzuki spelled out that they had finished online interviews before the lockout.

The article predicts Suzuki’s contract to be 55 million dollars (about 6.34 billion yen) for 5 years and evaluates cost performance. He also touched on the age of 27 and commented, “Because the heyday will continue for a while, we can contribute to the Giants aiming to win the World Series as early as next season.” In addition, he has experience playing as a first baseman, third baseman, and shortstop, so he mentioned his appointment outside the outfield and praised his multi-talented talent. Taking these into consideration, he concluded that “it makes sense for the Giants to acquire Suzuki.”

■ It’s no wonder you choose NPB

On the other hand, he also pointed out the impact of lockouts where the exit cannot be seen. Brad Leffton, a reporter for the New York Times, said, “The Japanese team will start the spring camp on February 1, so this could be a deadline for Suzuki. However, it is extremely rare for Suzuki to not participate in the camp except for injuries, so Suzuki may have to decide between NPB and MLB by the end of January. ” “Since the fate of the new labor-management agreement is uncertain, if the lockout is prolonged, it would not be a shock if Suzuki chooses to return to Nippon Professional Baseball.”

Several US media have come here and reported that MLB and the players’ association will soon be in talks for normalization. However, even if the lockout is released early, it is clear that it will still take time to decide the transfer destination of the players who are currently hanging out and to conclude a new labor-management agreement. During the 30-day posting period given to Suzuki, he has already consumed 10 days before lockout. Can you win a convincing contract in the remaining 20 days after unlocking? “MLB Trade Rumors” said, “There is no time left”, but … It seems that the decision will be made while keeping an eye on the timing of unlocking the lockout and the camp schedule in Japan and the United States.

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