MMS joins BOSCH to strengthen Wade service centers into the brake disc market – brake pads The only dealer in Thailand

Monday 19 September 2022

Master Motor Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd or MMS Bosch Car Service and Tires under the Millennium Group Corporation (Asia) business, one-stop service for Japanese and European cars out of warranty Hold a formal business agreement signing ceremony Between Master Motor Services (Thailand) Co, Ltd and Robert Bosch Co, Ltd, a leader in automotive drive solutions from Germany. Being the official distributor of Bosch brake discs and brake pads in Thailand.

Mr. Arun Samutsan, Managing Director of Master Motor Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed, “This business collaboration Support the continued growth of the new and used car market As a result, after-sales service business In addition to the business spare parts are active, Bosch has appointed MMS. Be the sole distributor of Bosch Blue Line brake discs and brake pads covering European, Japanese, American and Chinese vehicles in Thailand. by starting marketing through wholesale channels to more than 2,000 spare parts stores across the country that are partners through the online ordering system And in all MMS service centers, the new brake pad product is the latest brake pad innovation. which combines NAO-Ceramic and Metallic in perfect proportions To help increase deceleration efficiency. Reduce dust and noise production Ready to be environmentally friendly that in the future plans to supply products And other Bosch products are coming to the market, such as PM 2.5 filters in the cabin, and the synergies are expected to in this regard. As a result, sales grew by more than 35% compared to the previous year.”

Mr. Marcio Coelho, Executive Vice President of the ASEAN region Auto Parts Department Robert Bosch Co, Ltd said, “Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Pay attention to car safety And when traveling on the road, the braking system is an important element.

Safety from Bosch is the invention and development of technology. including new products both preventive and protective such as ABS brake system parts, ESP components, iBooster and others, and is very proud to partner with MMS. The largest Bosch car service network in Thailand through 3 business concepts is teaching. through an international standard training center with state-of-the-art equipment from Master Automotive Training Center under MGC-Asia, participation that enables customers to participate in various activities through social media to an evolution that develops a distribution system for goods and services to be on the online system including shops or car service centers You can order Bosch brake discs and brake pads via MMS, regardless of what kind of power the cars of the future will be powered by. The braking system is always important. All of the above is one strategy. ‘Parts-Diagnostics-Workshop Services’ which is our strength. and has been accepted by customers around the world.”

++ Confident with a comprehensive service network

MMS is a comprehensive automotive service center such as mileage maintenance, fluid replacement, battery, tires, suspension, brakes, as well as engine and automatic transmission repairs. by a team of professional technicians with modern equipment Warranty for repairs up to 1 year or 20,000 kilometers

Including a special ‘Service Delivery’ emergency service which can be arranged in advance. by phone number 1396 There is also a service to clean the Airco well system with a special liquid. Ready to issue special standard certificate with promotion Change all 4 tires* go free! Repair warranty renewal kit

and additional spare parts For vehicles that are out of warranty until the end of this year

The MMS has renovated the service center to be more excellent and modern with blue, white tones and added red streaks Currently, there are 18 branches across the country, namely Kaset-Nawamin, Ramintra, Sukhapiban 3, Samrong, Rama 4 , Ngamwongwan, Lam Luk Ka, Pradit Manutham, Ratchapruek, Rangsit, Petchkasem, Ramkhamhaeng, Khubon, Bangsaen, Pattaya, Rayathan, Uboni Ratchong. and Phuket with plans to expand 4 more branches, namely Srinakarin, Phutthabucha, Kanchanaphisek and Rama 5 Ratchaphruek cut roundabout, a total of 22 branches by 2023 and will increase to 35 branches in the next 3 years.

* Only models and sizes participate in the program, conditions are as specified by the company.

For more information, call 1396 MMS CAR SERVICES.

LINE Officer: @mmsbosch

Facebook: MMBSoschcarservice

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