Mo Lam Idol: Searching for the Rising Stars of the Molam Industry

‘Mor Lam Idol’ Set to Discover Rising Mor Lam Talent

Prepare to be entertained right from the comfort of your own living room as the highly anticipated program, ‘Mor Lam Idol’, hits the screens this Friday and Saturday. The season premiere will kick off on Friday, September 15, at 6 p.m.

This show is about to create a buzz that will resonate throughout the region, igniting the Mor Lam Fever. ‘Mor Lam Idol’ aims to uncover a new generation of talented Mor Lam artists who will not only dominate the industry but also become ambassadors for Thai culture worldwide. So, grab your popcorn and tune in to ‘Mor Lam Idol’ this Friday, September 15 at 6:00 pm, and catch the full enjoyment on Saturday, September 16 at 3:45 pm, with special uncut content exclusively on the Workpoint 23 channel.

A New Era of Mor Lam Begins

Prepare for an epic showdown as the auditions heat up in the opening week of ‘Mor Lam Idol’. For all aspiring contestants with a passion for Mor Lam, this is an important gateway to prove their talent and potential in the industry. The audition round will be split into four teams:

  1. Rhea Thasin Team (consisting of Ae Phakdee, Tao Phusin, Lamphloen, and Top Narakorn)
  2. Mor Lam Jai Kuen Hundred Team (with Boy Sirichai, Ann Oradee, and Tai Suwanan)
  3. Prathom Banterngsin Team (including Tad Dab Sor Santi, Takkatan Chonlada, and Biw Jitchariya)
  4. Phet Ban Phaeng Women’s Team (featuring Joe Yomanin, Ble Pathumrat, and Oung Ing Rattanaporn)

Each team must carefully select and compete against their rivals for a spot in the next round. On the competition stage, not only will the audience witness the skills of the new generation of Mor Lam performers, but they will also experience the excitement and fierce determination of the team leaders, artist coaches, and emerging Mor Lam stars. Expect nothing but sheer dedication and unparalleled talent from each team as they unleash their molam industry expertise to assemble the best, unique, and incomparable team members. This remarkable competition represents not only experienced individuals in the industry but also showcases individuals with a genuine passion for Thai culture, such as the talented “C Siwat Chotichaicharin”.

Join us in creating this phenomenon and witness who will become the shining star of the molam industry in the captivating journey of ‘Mor Lam Idol’. Stay updated on all the program’s progress by following “Mo Lam Idol” on Facebook and TikTok.

‘Mor Lam Idol’ is ready to search for ‘rising Mor Lam’, preparing to send fun through the screen on Friday and Saturday, starting with the season opening on Friday, September 15, at 6 p.m

She is about to be a phenomenon and history that will be talked about all over the area with Mor Lam Fever for the program “Mo Lam Idol”, looking for a new generation of Mor Lam to decorate the industry and be ready to be the best Mor Lam artist. quality in the future The important thing is to push together to become a Soft Power so that people all over the world will know about it. In Thai culture through the program “Mor Lam Idol” starting to show fun on the screen as sitting and watching in front of the house this Friday, September 15 at 6:00 pm and Saturday, September 16 at 3:45 pm Watch in full. Enjoy special content (Uncut Version) broadcast on the Workpoint 23 channel.

Opening the stage for a great competition, worthy of the program that everyone has been waiting for. with the audition round in the first week It can be said that it is a path to an important test for all contestants who have passion and ability in Mo Lam. With the rules for the audition round for all 4 teams:

1. Rhea Thasin Team (For Ae Phakdee, Tao Phusin, Lamphloen and Top Narakorn)

2. Mor Lam Jai Kuen Hundred Team (Boy Sirichai, Ann Oradee and Tai Suwanan)

3. Prathom Banterngsin Team (Tad Dab Sor Santi, Takkatan Chonlada and Biw Jitchariya)

and 4. Phet Ban Phaeng Women’s Team (Joe Yomanin, Ble Pathumrat and Oung Ing Rattanaporn)

You must choose and compete for as many competitors as you think are suitable to be with you on the team. to compete in the next round On the competition stage, in addition to seeing the talents of the new generation of competitors who have many skills Mo Lam, You will also find the excitement, fun, and fighting ability of the team leader, artist coach , and the new star Mor Lam, each team that no one will give in to anyone. Leverage the knowledge and abilities that everyone in the molam industry has to show in order to get the best team members in each team’s style and uniqueness. Take the stage for the biggest competition that represents people who are not experienced in the molam industry But also has a heart and passion for this culture, like “C Siwat Chotichaicharin”

Who will be the new star of the molam industry? Come be a part of creating this phenomenon together at “Mo Lam Idol”. You can follow the details of the program’s movements on Facebook and TikTok “Mo Lam Idol”.

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