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Mo Yong explains the knot ‘Agar vaccine’

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M.Yong explains the same lot of vaccines. If it’s not frozen until it’s agar, it can still be used.

On June 30, Dr. Yong Phuworawan, head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University The Facebook post states that

vaccine storage agar vaccine
The vaccine used, if it is water or alum (opaque), must be stored at 2-8 ° C. The vaccine should not directly touch the ice. and if it’s cold It will become gelatinous and harden and will spoil immediately.

vaccination Or move, be careful not to let the vaccine directly touch the ice. When it is cooled to the freezing point at 0 °C, it becomes gelatinous. Whether it’s the Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B or Influenza vaccine. Including the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, it will be lost immediately, especially in that storage package. not losing the whole lot

The vaccine near freezing is agar or ice. will be considered prohibited and only lose that set. Other sets that have not been frozen are still valid. They are not related.

Therefore, the person injected in the same lot and was not immersed into agar. or is it ice please feel at ease It is therefore recommended that the vaccination Be careful not to let the vaccine come into direct contact with the ice. or cause absolute freezing

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