The only smart heir of a previous famous fashion model. Beautiful catwalks, magazines and the Thai fashion industry in the 80s “Wae-Pawadee Payungwet Rohitsathien”

The only heir she has, “Wam-Pawee Payungwet”, a 38-year-old Taurus man, owns a restaurant with the strange name “Mad Moa” (Mad Moa), the name of an ancient extinct bird. for a long time. in New Zealand

It is a species of bird that is very loving and attached to him. when he went to spend his high school life there Before coming back to study for a bachelor’s degree at Silpakorn University, Faculty of International Decorative Arts multimedia branch He also received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Birmingham. England too

Today, he blends flesh and blood as a decorator. Immerse yourself in an imaginary passion for cooking. Neck Hug Mae Wae – the biggest designer Baptist Bring old houses (keep) for centuries, ancient treasures, around Asok Montri, Sukhumvit 21

Renovated, decorated and opened as a restaurant that combines traditional flavors combined with the “fusion food” style of the La Long period in the atmosphere of a warm private house. “Vintage Content”

Vam will manage, plan and supervise every detail in the store. Design each menu, decorate each dish unlike any restaurant menu. and doing it myself every step of the way

Be a “shiny chef” with his own imagination and his own two hands, intentionally and deliberately. with flavors that are strange and different “Honorary Decorator” from Birmingham

Being a young man in a lively lifestyle with Mae “Vintage Baptist” Mae Wae makes the atmosphere of the restaurant and every taste of the food by Chef Vam. “Edgy, changed, like “in every taste he cooks with his heart in every meal.

in “Moapavivam” Only those overflowing with so much charm.

“Dr. Sathtanik Julmanee”


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