Mob in front of the United Nations Settle down on the 6th day to fight peacefully Opposition to the draft bill to control the grouping of the people

Mob in front of the United Nations Settle down on the 6th day to fight peacefully Opposition to the draft bill to control the grouping of the people NHRC observes Police stretched canvas to cover the assembly

The movement against the draft law to destroy the grouping of the People’s Democratic Republic sent a message to all political parties inviting them to join the major movement and announced the attitude of rejecting the draft law to control the grouping in the large movement of the procession that will take place on Monday, May 30. This invites all people to join in collecting 3 demands with the cabinet together. While the people’s sector organizations prepare to raise troops to join the large movement, shoulder to shoulder with many more parade On the side of the police, adjusting the procession, bringing a long canvas to spread over the protest area while the NHRC sent officers to observe the rally.

on May 28 The protest against the bill destroys the gathering of people to settle down for the 6th day of rallies. in front of the United Nations To oppose the Non-Profit Organization Act, B.E. ….Draft bill to control the gathering of people with rain showers all day While the police have organized a security parade of the royal procession like yesterday.

But today the number of police officers has increased more and more canvases have been prepared to stretch a long line to cover the area of ​​the assembly as well. It is also worth noting that the Gino and the suspect’s control vehicle were moved from the front of the Forest Industry Organization to be closer to the bus stop opposite the protesters’ tent area. However, at 5:00 p.m., a press conference was held in order to send a message to political parties inviting a large movement. and announced the attitude of not accepting the draft law regulating the integration

Chusri Orankit A representative of the convoy read a statement that said: Message to political parties Invited to join the big movement and announced the attitude of not accepting the draft law to control the integration. The procession against the draft law destroys people’s gatherings’ would like to announce a large movement to the Government House on May 30, which will line up from Ratthammanoon Village in front of the UN Building on Ratchadamnoen Nok Road at 9:00 AM to call on the government. The Cabinet resolved to cancel the push ‘Draft of Non-Profit Organization Activities Act B.E. ….’ no longer

Therefore, I would like to invite all the people, all groups, organizations, parades, associations and clubs who agree with us to walk together in front of the House and invite all political parties who agree with us to jointly announce their attitudes and standpoints. of the party in front of the Government House at 3 p.m., in unison, hoping to receive cooperation from all political parties who see serious threats to the rights, liberties, democracy, human rights and human dignity of the people from This draft law, if it is promulgated.

side Thanaporn Wichan A representative of the convoy said that today we have made a statement inviting political parties with a stand that supports not to remove the law to control this integration and to stop the law to control the integration of the people. I would like to invite everyone and workers in all sectors. If we think that this law is not just us affected, all organizations are affected. So I would like to invite everyone to come and meet. We will be parading here on Monday the 30th and will march together at Government House.

side Chiranuch Premchaiporn One of the representatives of the procession added that Every political party, whether it is the opposition party, the ruling party We regard political parties as political institutions that are connected to the people. Therefore, we hope that all political parties will come to listen and express your position at 3:00 p.m. at the Government House area. We hope that we will be accepted by all political parties. Let me reiterate that our struggle is based on a peaceful struggle. Therefore, no violence would arise from the people and the people who fought in this formation. We intend to claim our rights and we will fight in peace.

Reporters reported that the National Human Rights Commission had also sent officials to observe today’s demonstrations. And throughout the day there has been an announcement to join a large parade from various people’s sector networks such as Khlong Wang Heep Upstream Forest Conservation Group Nakhon Si Thammarat Province NGOs Assembly on Environmental Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources People’s Health Promotion Movement and Child and Youth Organizations Procession of Community Organizations in Satun Province (Rak Chang Satun) Phothiyalai Foundation

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