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As the shipment of the handheld game PC “Steam Deck” approaches in February 2022 (for those who could make a reservation in the first bullet), Valve released more information and said that there is no so-called dedicated game title. I made it clear.

A recently updated FAQ page for developers added the question “Are Valve interested in releasing Steam Deck exclusive titles?” “No. We don’t think such titles make much sense. Steam Deck is a PC, so you need to be able to play it like a PC.”

Not all in-Steam games can be played on Steam Deck, as evidenced by Valve’s launch of a validation program that allows you to see if you can play each title. On the contrary, it was unclear whether there was an exclusive title, but this time it seems that the attitude has been clarified.

Other updated FAQs explain various details of Steam Deck. For example, the GPU can use up to 8GB of VRAM, and the amount can be changed for each game. Also, the default setting of the game screen is full screen mode, but it also works in window mode (similar to a normal PC).

SteamOS is also planned to be released as an independent OS in the end, and it is expected that it can be used with other hardware. In addition, you can easily install apps and games other than Steam on Steam Deck.

We also work closely with Unity, Epic, and Godot (a cross-platform, open-source 2D / 3D game engine) to work with a variety of game engines. It seems that they intend to improve these engines so that they will work smoothly on Steam Deck.

In addition, the FAQ recommends developers to use a gyro that was not found in conventional gaming PC input devices (although it is common in home video game consoles).

“For those who are used to typing on gamepads, not only will they get finer precision, but they will also be able to incorporate a desktop mouse into a portable form factor,” said the gyro’s appeal, PC in the long run. It’s also interesting to try to expand the range of game control devices.

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