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Affected by consumer demand during the global festival season and supply chain disconnection due to the epidemic, Indian mobile phone manufacturers have a serious shortage of mobile phone chipset inventory. The Indian government is contacting MediaTek in Taiwan to increase the supply of chipsets to India.

After the confrontation between Indian and Chinese forces in eastern Ladakh in early May and the worst conflict in 45 years, the Indian government is adopting measures such as restrictions on Chinese products and delays in customs clearance, hoping to get rid of its dependence on Chinese imports and parts; And Indian local brand mobile phones, which have been hit by the price-performance strategy of Chinese brand mobile phones to almost exit the market, also want to take this opportunity to make a comeback.

The Economic Times of India (Economic Times) today reported that some Indian smartphone manufacturers have reported to the Indian government that, as the global supply chain is affected by the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19, Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic, MediaTek Most of the chipsets are shipped to Chinese smartphone manufacturers, while Indian manufacturers are discriminated against, but MediaTek denies this accusation.

MediaTek said that the global semiconductor industry and ecosystem are facing various shortages, mainly due to Wuhan pneumonia and other supply and demand market forces that have disrupted the supply chain. For example, the accelerated deployment of global fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) is also one of the factors contributing to the shortage.

MediaTek emphasized in the statement that the company has always worked with global customers and partners on an equal footing and provided them with chipsets.

For Indian customers, the statement stated that MediaTek has a long history in India, including support for business, customers and partners, and will continue to cooperate with Indian brands and chip design companies to ensure that the most advanced design, development and delivery equipment are in line with self-reliance. Strategy.

Under the leadership of Taiwanese in the past, MediaTek India branch proactively contacted other Taiwanese supply chain manufacturers to provide Indian local manufacturers with training courses on mobile phone chip design and related solutions, and received funding support from the Indian government, while also using cloud technology to assist remote India Medical development; but after changing to an Indian as the general manager, it fell silent, and the above-mentioned plan to assist the development of the Indian mobile phone industry also ceased.

People familiar with the matter pointed out that due to the Sino-US trade war, the United States imposed restrictions on Huawei’s use of US technology and semiconductor manufacturing measures, which led to Huawei’s purchase of a large number of chipsets in the first two years of the implementation of these measures in September, which also led to a shortage of chipsets. One of the factors.

The report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the Indian government has decided to intervene in solving the problem because it is worried that the lack of chipset supply for local Indian mobile phone brands may affect these companies’ achievement of the 2021 fiscal year target under the relevant incentive production plan provided by the government. .

Pankaj Mohindroo, President of the Indian Mobile Phone Association, said that leading Indian mobile phone manufacturers such as Lava and Micromax are suffering from a shortage of chipsets, especially MediaTek’s chipsets. The Indian government has understood this and is working through appropriate channels. Contact with high-level MediaTek.

Senior director of Indian smartphone manufacturing industry said that the severity of the chipset shortage has reached more than 95% of demand.

A senior executive in the smartphone industry pointed out that Indian companies applying for incentives must meet their production targets by March next year to be rewarded, but the company still does not know whether it can obtain a large supply of chipsets.

(Author: Kang world; the first chart Source: Science and Technology Daily News)

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