“Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch” is at the top of oral innovation, the production team: finally breathed a sigh of relief | 4 Gamers

The TV animation story “Mobile Suit Gundam” “The Witch of Mercury” has entered the exciting seventh chapter, and the word of mouth and discussion has reached a new peak. The first time the Gundam story with a girl as the main character can be promoted smoothly and won the confirmation by word of mouth, finally let the production team that has been under great pressure along the way breathe a sigh of relief.

“The Witch of Mercury” is the latest TV work in seven years after “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”, and this is also the time when the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series is facing the biggest crisis.

Since the “Gundam” series came out in 1979, it has entered its 40th year in 2019. “The Witch of Mercury” project also started as early as 2018, but in an interview, it was found that the current young students said: “Skip if it’s “Gundam”, “Gundam” wasn’t filmed for us.”

Therefore, producer Okamoto Taku also pulled the background of the story from the edge of the vast universe back to the daily life of the students on campus, and replaced the main character directly with the female driver Suletta. Mercury and classmate Mio Linie. For the two female characters of Lian Bran, whether this unprecedented new world view and character location can be accepted by the audience of the student generation, the pressure on the seiyuu and the production team can be imagined .

She is Suletta, the female driver of “Wind Spirit Gundam”. Ichinose Kana, voiced by Mercury, said: “The beginning of the story was a bit funny, but as the plot developed, the forces and opposing forces hidden behind Asticasia Advanced Specialist Academy became gradually more and more interesting. The earth was discovered, and it does not feel like a relatively heavy burden to me personally, even viewers who have never watched “Mobile Suit Gundam” can get into the plot in easy.”

And to another heroine, Mio Linne. Even Lynn, who is voiced by Bran, said: “When I saw the information about Mioline, I thought she was a cool, thoughtful girl, and she was much more emotional than when I got the script.”

Director Kobayashi Kuan told her: “Miolinie is a simple girl who speaks up as soon as she has something to say. She has a bit of an aggressive personality, and it’s okay to piss off the other party. ” This made Lynn re-examine her way of acting. He said: “Mioleni’s moods are all written on her face. This is very different from my previous performance experience. At first, I really thought, is it right to be so self-willed? But in the end , the audience will definitely like this show as much as I. “A “princess” with true temperament and courage.”

The story of “The Witch of Mercury” is told in the year 122 of the Star Year, when many companies build a huge economic circle in the universe. Here, she meets the “princess” Mioline by accident, but there is a huge corporate battle in front of the two. How will their relationship develop?

“Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch” is produced by SUNRISE. The content combines the themes of campus, youth love and robot battles, suggesting open and secret battles between enterprises and groups, replacing a large-scale universe with campus combat The war, along with the tens of millions of hits and support from YOASOBI’s theme song “Blessing”, made “The Witch of Mercury” become the theme of October successfully!

“Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury’s Witch” will be available on Ani-One platforms on major platforms (Bahamut Animation Crazy, KKTV, Hami Video, Chunghwa Telecom MOD, friDay Video, MyVideo, LINE TV, CATCHPLAY +) and the official YouTube channel On the shelves, is updated every Sunday.

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