Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury: “Sugar Coated Bitter Pill” Attempts to Bring Female Fans to the Gundam Universe

I have talked about the Gundam SEED series once in the article “Gundam Seed 20th Annversary: ​​Racism and the Fire of War Has Never Quitted”, but today we are talking about another Gundam series that is currently underway. trend (Especially after the “slap and mosquito” scene at the end of EP. 12 which plunges the series into bottomless darkness and makes many fans want to keep watching) is Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury Or in a cute Thai name that “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury.”

The Witch’s Motive of Mercury

Talk about Gundam SEED because of the witch sector This has many elements that are very similar to SEED. It has a plot about humans splitting into two races.

In SEED, normal human races are called Naturals and genetically modified humans are called Coordinators. Normal humans born on Earth are called Earthlings, and humans who live in space are called Spacians. It will be the subject of much contempt from the Spanish, the issue of racism is very obvious as in SEED. In addition, the issue of dehumanisation (Dehumanisation) is very clear in this episode, as we see in the characters. Many of them experienced some kind of misfortune…

Charm of Gundam: the Witch of Mercury

Since time immemorial, the Gundam series has always been a series for young men. It’s a hard fact to deny. Until 1995, it was “Gundam Boy Band” As Gundam Wing, a group of young men attracted a large number of female fans. but how The story of Gundam Wing is still a typical male story of the Gundam style. Although there are some girls who can feel the charm of the Gundam universe, not every Gundam series has ever been a real girl story on time

This witch episode is therefore the first time in the history of Gundam that comes to the extreme feminist genre as a Gundam series. “from women, by women, for women” especially to capture the teenage girls market From the main female character Zuletta Mercury, or even the mysterious hidden character that every Gundam must have, in Legend of the Witch, it breaks the tradition by being a disguised female character instead. In all installments, the mysterious undercover characters are usually men.)

Therefore, there is a name for a female cartoon style, which is “Witch”, which originates from many witch or psychic female cartoons. In Japan, this type of manga is called a thread. Maho Shojo Manga (魔法少女漫画: Manga of a witch with psychic powers)

The plot of Gundam: the Witch of Mercury is therefore a shojo manga plot. (少女漫画: Comics for young women) is characterized by the following three elements.

1) For love (恋愛)
2) There are obstacles or conflicts (葛藤).
3) Character growth after going through that obstacle or conflict (achievement)

As can be seen, the main character Suletta Mercury is involved in an affair with a hint of Yuri. (Women love women) too, and there are female barriers and growth in relationships. All steps are exactly in line with the shojo-manga style of female cartoons, that is, they come in a relationship style, touching, flirting, sweet like a teenage girl. The heroine therefore has a witch character, a beautiful, sweet, red-haired, cute girl according to the formula for many psychic-powered witch-style cartoons. universe.

But don’t forget this is a Gundam Series!!

Gundam is Gundam. It’s very hard to expect a bright, bright, funny, sweet ending because at the heart of every Gundam series is war, death, loss. Although it only ended for EP 12 and we had to wait for Season 2 , so no one could guess how it would end Sure, in EP. 0 Prologue episode and in EP. Although there are sweet female cartoon elements from EP 1 – EP 11, but this is the Gundam universe, it will certainly not disappoint the audience for a pain in the liver!!

It’s just sweet to have EP 1 – EP 11. as if it was sweet candy to attract the audience, but in fact the content of the story as a bitter medicine (very bitter too) returned to EP 0 – Prologue and EP 12 in instead, making the Witch part This is strangely charming. with a woman mixed with a war atmosphere like a male cartoon Come out to be light and perfect. and very interesting to follow Interestingly enough, in Season 2, the sugar coating will dissolve completely and will be filled with only a bitter taste that will destroy the liver. Or will he continue to add sugar drops to make it easier for the audience to eat?

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