MobiTalk, ‘Galaxy Note 10’ Event held… It earned 10 million sales

MobiTalk (operator of SmartNow), a smartphone distribution platform, is holding a ‘Galaxy Note 10’ discount event, offering a cost-effective smart life opportunity.

On the 22nd, Smart Now announced that it would hold a “chance of deduction” event to sell the ‘Galaxy Note 10’ for 100,000 won each in installments through the ‘Mobi Talk’ application.

This event is MobiTalk’s own event that further increases the discount range of cost-effective and popular products based on new product promotions and active marketing benefits of the retail industry seeking to increase year-end sales.

Details related to events can be checked through the MobiTalk app or web page (mobile, PC).

Meanwhile, MobiTalk receives favorable reviews from users by providing various services such as life-related information such as how to buy cheap mobile phones and fraud prevention methods, comparing public assistance funds, comparing device specifications, and communication cost savings has tailor them.

Reporter Park Dong-seon ([email protected])

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