MobiTalk, ‘Galaxy S21’ special price promotion… 10 million won sales

A special event to help utilize the cost-effectiveness of the popular premium phone ‘Galaxy S21’ will be held led by the smartphone distribution platform MobiTalk (operator SmartNow).

On the 27th, SmartNow announced that it would hold an event called ‘Extra cost-effectiveness special price’ to sell ‘Galaxy S21’ through the MobiTalk application for 100,000 won in each installment principal.

This event is a cost-effectiveness event of MobiTalk that matches user demand within the platform based on the marketing benefits resulting from active communication with the retail industry.

Event-related details can be found on the MobiTalk website or through the MobiTalk app (available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

An official from ‘MobiTalk’ said, “There are people who have been waiting for a new type of usability, but more and more people are looking for a low price with sufficient quality. said.

On the other hand, MobiTalk is receiving favorable reviews from consumers by providing various services such as life-related information such as how to buy cheap mobile phones and fraud prevention methods, comparison of disclosure subsidies, comparison of device specifications, and customized communication cost savings.

Reporter Park Dong-seon ([email protected])

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