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Moebius has decided to release a packaged version of Nintendo Switch “Ah, Wonderful again / Repackaged HD” on March 9, 2023.

The package version has a regular version and a limited version, and the limited version is the original author Kazami Mikaze. A commentary book written by Mr. and original soundtrack CD.

In addition, a test version of the game will be displayed at the Mobius booth of the doujin & indie-only game event “Digige Expo 2022” to be held at Akihabara UDX on November 13th.

■ Game Introduction

“Again, Wonderful again” is an original novel game produced by the bike’s founding company.

It uses a system called ANOS (Advanced Novel Operating System), and evolves the new game, which had been a branching branch until then, into a cumulative scenario that accumulates in a multi-layered and three- dimension.

The system can be traced back to another branch at any time. Then, by using the memory obtained from the branch that has already been followed in another branch, a new development takes place.

ANOS (system), which actively promotes and assists in carrying out these actions, is the foundation for producing a high level of gameplay in being a new game.

■ story

“Even if I lose my memory from now on, I’m not afraid. As long as you remember me.”

“No future,” said the girl.

If the future is to repeat and build on every day, she didn’t really have that “future”.

“Amnesia On”

Also known as “repetition disease,” it’s a curse that makes memories, the future, and even newly realized feelings disappear.

“If a person makes a mistake, they should start over.

“No past,” says the man.

And the two went on a journey to recover the lost “past” and “future”.

Without even realizing that the world they live in has already become a “world that repeats”…

■ Character introduction

Rito: A witch girl who was lying on the side of the main character who had lost her memory when she woke up.

Both were sent to a strange land at the end of the battle to save the world.

When she tries to go to the battlefield again, it turns out that she has fallen into anterograde amnesia, unable to retain her own memories due to an accident.

In order to recover each other’s past and future, the two embark on a journey to make up for their lost memories.


Mireille: The princess of this land. Because she has the power of a shrine maiden, she accompanies him in battle, but she is also sent to a strange land. Finding her and getting help is also one of the purposes of saving the world.


As an additional element of the Nintendo Switch version, the voice part of the character is added. The heroine Rito is played by Hiyori Kono, and Mireille is played by Rika Kinugawa.

■ Information about the event

Digige Expo 2022


The Mobius booth will be at 4F “Z-10”.

■ Product information

Title: Um, Amazing Once Again / Repackaged HD

Compatible hardware: Nintendo Switch

Genre: ANOS (Advanced Novel Operating System)

Number of players: 1

Scheduled release date: March 9, 2023

Listed price: Regular version 4,378 yen (tax included) Limited edition 7,678 yen (tax included)

Development: AnuraBless Co., Ltd.

Rights notation: (C) Jitensyasougyou Inc.

Development by AnuraBless.

Published by mebius.

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