Model LG CordZero cordless vacuum cleaner A9T-ULTRA high efficiency convenient to store

handle household vacuuming too The LG CordZero cordless vacuum cleaner, model A9T-ULTRA, has a distinctive all-in-one tower design and is convenient to store.

LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a global leader in the development of innovative home appliances, provides the innovative cordless vacuum cleaner model LG CordZero A9T-ULTRA, which is outstanding with All-in-One Tower ™ design. That makes it convenient to store cleaning tools inside the charger. With an automatic dust extraction system that solves the problem of spreading dust when cleaning the dust bin Powered by PowerPack ™ Dual technology, two interchangeable batteries. This makes it possible to clean and charge at the same time. And it can be used continuously for up to 120 minutes, with Kompressor ™ technology to compress up to 2.4 times more dust and hair in the dust bin than the uncompressed volume. And save time to clean In addition, to help Thai consumers spend time at home safely during a period when dust problems in the air continue to affect people’s lives continuously. With the purchase of a cordless vacuum cleaner LG CordZero ™ Model A9T-ULTRA Free! An accessory set for 5 cleaning nozzles (Total Care Kit) from today or until the product runs out in leading department stores or LG dealers nationwide.

The LG CordZero ™ A9T-ULTRA cordless vacuum cleaner model comes with a distinctive All-in-One Tower ™ design designed to be convenient for storing cleaning accessories. charge a battery AND clean the inside of the All-in-One Tower™ charging station, which comes with an automatic dirt removal system. Place the vacuum cleaner back in the dock. The platform will suck the dust into the dust bag. This reduces direct contact with dust and also solves the problem of dust diffusion when cleaning the dust bin. In addition, the charging station uses a UVC LED system which prevents the growth of bacteria inside the dust bag. Has a 3-stage filter system that helps capture small dust particles. Helping users ensure they can be thoroughly cleaned.

With Dual PowerPack™ technology, LG’s new cordless vacuum can vacuum and charge at the same time. Because it comes with 2 rechargeable and replaceable batteries. It can be used continuously for up to 120 minutes in normal mode. It is also powered by a Smart Inverter Motor that increases cleaning efficiency more powerfully, more durable, with a 10 year motor warranty.

For a more comfortable cleaning experience than ever. LG CordZero ™ cordless vacuum cleaner model A9T-ULTRA also comes with superior dust collection capacity. With Kompressor™ technology, it compresses the dust and hair in the dustbin up to 2.4 times the uncompressed volume. It saves time to frequently pour dirt from the machine. It also comes with a variety of cleaning accessories. For example, the Power Drive™ Mop which vacuums and dries the floor at the same time, the Slim Power Drive™ Nozzle which removes dust, dirt and pet hair from the floor Power Drive™ Mini suitable for cleaning and removing fluff on cloth surfaces.

LG CordZero A9T-ULTRA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Users can also control, command or check the basic problems of the LG CordZero™ A9T-ULTRA cordless vacuum cleaner anytime, anywhere easily through the LG ThinQ™ application on a smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the ThumbTouchControl™ feature on the vacuum cleaner also allows users to turn off. work level control Including the choice of Turbo mode with a control system for all functions that can be easily operated via the user’s thumb.

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