Models die: ‘sonar scanner’ to find hard disk | Ansi Kabeer | Anjana Shajan

Kochi: Police are considering using a ‘sonar scanner’ to retrieve crucial evidence from a computer hard disk in the case of Miss Kerala winners who died in a road accident under mysterious circumstances. According to a hotel employee, a hard disk containing surveillance camera footage of Saiju Thankachan, hotel owner Roy and a ‘VIP’ allegedly staying at the hotel on the day of the incident was thrown into the lake near the Idakochi Kannangad bridge. A search of the lake yesterday with the help of fire brigade scuba divers did not yield any results.

Roy and his co-defendants destroyed surveillance camera footage of the Fort Kochi No. 18 hotel where they attended the party shortly before the models were killed. Kochi has the most powerful sonar scanner at the Southern Naval Base. Cochin Shipyard and Coast Guard also have a sonar scanner capable of scanning the bottom of the lake.

Sonar can accurately scan any metal parts lying at the bottom of the ocean and lake. Experts believe that the location of the hard disk thrown into the lake can be easily ascertained by studying the nature of the sonar waves that resonate with the computer hard disk dummy of the No. 18 hotel. Navy officials said they were ready to provide technical assistance to locate the hard disk.

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