Modern whole of 1,942 conditions of COVID-19, 23 extra fatalities

epidemic problem ofCovid-19 day-to-day epidemic condition command middlecoronavirus ailment 2019 or Prof. The hottest report on the condition of the epidemic of coronavirus illness 2019, dated 3 September 2022, was found1,942 new COVID-19 conditions As a consequence, the whole variety of verified circumstances so significantly has been 4,656,911. Overall nosocomial infections (ATK) Between August 21-27, 2022, 173,234 situations, 7,701,375 gathered cases.

by Nowadays, 23 far more people today have died. producing a new wave of conditions because January 2022, with a cumulative death toll of 10,677, while the total demise toll ofCovid-19 scenario There had been a complete of 32,375 fatalities.

In addition, 16,723 people are however currently being treated, and the overall range of recoveries is 1,643, with a complete of 2,439,319 recoveries given that January 1, 2022.

The condition of COVID-19 an infection in the region

Amongst January 1, 2022 and September 3, 2022, the number of 1,942 new COVID-19 conditions have been additional Causing a new wave of circumstances (January 2022) has amassed 2,433,476 circumstances.

Today's total of 1,942 cases of COVID-19, 23 more deaths

Covid-19 vaccination situation

Summary: Cumulative amount of vaccinations Cumulative amount of vaccinations among February 28, 2021 – September 1, 2022, a total of 142,778,966 doses in 77 states. Overview of vaccinations as of September 1, 2022, the overall range of vaccinations nationwide is 30,615 doses.

  • 1st Needle: 4,401 cases
  • Second needle: 6,884 conditions
  • Needle 3: 19,330 situations

Cumulative quantity of people who acquired the to start with dose of the vaccine: 57,260,888

Cumulative amount of individuals who received the second dose vaccination: 53,725,627

Cumulative number of folks who acquired the 3rd dose vaccine: 31,792,451

Today's total of 1,942 cases of COVID-19, 23 more deaths

Resource: MOPH-IC

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