Moderna cross-vaccination is more effective than AZ and Pfizer alone

A study has found that cross-vaccination with Moderna vaccine is more effective than receiving the same vaccine after the first dose of AstraZenecana Pfizer’s new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine. AstraZeneca was also effective in cross-vaccination with Novavax.

The Oxford University ‘Com-COV2’ research team compared the effect and safety of cross-vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine on 1,072 people on the 6th (local time) in an international scientific journal ‘Lancet‘ announced in

The research team analyzed the neutralizing antibody level and immune T cell induction in the case of inoculating twice with AstraZeneca and Pfizer alone and cross-inoculating with Moderna or Novavax after administering the vaccine twice at an average interval of 9 weeks.

As a result, it was found that the vaccine effect was more excellent when the second dose of Moderna was administered after the first dose of AstraZenecana Pfizer.

The AstraZeneca-Modena cross-vaccination increased the neutralizing antibody level 16.9 times more than that of the AstraZeneca double dose. Even in the case of cross-vaccination with Novavax, the neutralizing antibody level was 4.2 times higher than when AstraZeneca alone was inoculated twice.

In the Pfizer-Modena cross-inoculation, neutralizing antibody levels increased 1.3-fold. On the other hand, cross-inoculation with Novavax showed a 20% decrease in neutralizing antibody levels.

In terms of immune T cell response, it was confirmed that the AstraZeneca-Modena cross-inoculation had 3.5 times more T-cell count than the AstraZeneca double inoculation. When cross-vaccinated with Novavax, it increased by 4.8 times.

Although the Pfizer-Modern cross-inoculation increased T cells 1.5 times, cross-inoculation with Novavax reduced T cells by 40% compared to when Pfizer alone was inoculated twice.

However, with Moderna cross-inoculation, the incidence of adverse reactions was slightly higher than when two doses were administered with the same vaccine alone.

5% of the two doses of AstraZeneca developed a febrile reaction, compared to 33% of those who received the Moderna crossover. In the case of Pfizer, 9% of patients with two doses of Pfizer developed a febrile reaction, while the frequency rose to 22% among those who received Moderna or cross-vaccination. Similar results were obtained for other adverse events such as chills, fatigue, headache, and muscle pain.


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