Home Health Modernform Health and Care reveals that “Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital” is ready to accept patients in the country after the relief of Covid-19 control measures.

Modernform Health and Care reveals that “Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital” is ready to accept patients in the country after the relief of Covid-19 control measures.

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Modern form health and care Companies in the MODERN group revealed that Chivamitra Cancer Hospital The first private hospital specializing in cancer in the Northeast. ready to accept domestic patients from nearby provinces and Bangkok After the relaxation of Covid-19 control measures Highlight the service and modern technology by skilled personnel The property is clean and safe. have international standards with treatment guidelines in conjunction with current and alternative medicine medical marijuana Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Traditional Medicine by emphasizing patient-centered treatment

Mr. Skills Busayapoka Chairman of Modernform Group Public Company Limited or MODERN revealed that after the epidemic situation of COVID-19 begin to unravel People in the country have been vaccinated against the virus continually. and the government gradually relaxed measures to control COVID-19 As a result, traveling across provinces is easier and more convenient. at Chiwamittra Cancer Hospital The first private hospital specializing in cancer in the Northeast. Modernform business Health and Care which is featured in patient care with modern technology equivalent to a large hospital in Bangkok has prepared in every aspect, including skilled personnel, technology, and modern treatments of international standards. Treatment with modern medicine coupled with treatment concurrent alternative plans for providing services to support domestic patients especially nearby provinces such as Roi Et, Sisaket, Yasothon, Amnat Charoen, Surin, Maha Sarakham, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, as well as patients from Bangkok, the perimeter and other provinces. that can travel by plane easily

coupled with medical business It’s one of the businesses that has the potential to grow. As most people turn to pay more attention to health care. Especially after going through the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital There is a proportion of patients in the province who come to use the service at 79.30% and are patients from outside the area. Both Thais and foreigners are 20.70 percent. It is estimated that after the easing of Covid-19 control measures in the country, the proportion of patients from outside the area who come to use the service will increase to 40%.

Dr. Thanut Kuai Charoenpanich, Director of Chewamitra Cancer Hospital He added that Chivamitra Hospital has been fully prepared to provide services to patients in the country in all aspects. It consists of the preparation of medical specialists to provide close care services to patients. All personnel of the hospital have received 100% of the COVID-19 vaccine already. With an electronic medical record system, appointments can be arranged in a systematic manner, without having to wait for a long time. There is a cancer screening service with Genetic Test to screen for cancer gene risk. In order to assess risks and lay out guidelines for health care, Liquid Biopsy is an innovative blood cancer diagnosis. It is an alternative for patients with limited biopsy. To detect cancer or patients who have recurred cancer to the fullest extent.

Chivamitra Cancer Hospital uses modern treatment technologies such as particle accelerators. shorten the duration of radiation In just 3-5 minutes, CT Simulator helps plan and simulate. Radiation therapy is accurate. Reduce the impact on nearby organs with a computer system. In addition, there is also the treatment of cancer with heat. by increasing the temperature to only the tumor to slow the spread of cancer and treatment in the form of chemotherapy immunotherapy and targeted drugs There are also alternative treatment plans that include:

Medical Cannabis
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Thai Traditional Medicine
Nutrition and Diet Therapy

There is also a Telemedicine service to consult a specialist doctor via VDO Call for patients and relatives to be able to consult a specialist doctor anywhere, anytime. Help reduce the burden of traveling in case of unnecessary By closely supervising and planning treatments at every stage of the hospital with a team of specialists and multidisciplinary doctors. under the treatment guidelines “patient-centered” aims to provide care for patients both physically and mentally. To have a better quality of life and the hospital is also a contract with leading insurance companies. Support civil servant rights and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to provide treatment for patients as well.

“In terms of preventive measures against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the hospital remains rigorous. Travelers from highly restricted and restricted areas are required to be swab no more than 72 hours in advance and have tested negative, abstained, and limited to one full-time caregiver per person. Wash your hands with alcohol gel regularly because the hospital attaches great importance to safety. of the service recipients, both patients, relatives and hospital personnel,” said Dr. Thanut.

About Chiwa Mitra Cancer Hospital
Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital It is the first private hospital specializing in cancer in the Northeast. Located in the city of Ubon Ratchathani Province, “Chewa Mitra” means friend to all life. Stick to the principle of working with friendship. through providing the best in treatment To create a better life value with a mindful operating philosophy Truly friendly to all life, as the definition of “body…must be on point”, “mind…must take care” under the concept of “NEW POSSIBILITY OF CANCER TREATMENT”, every opportunity is a possibility for treatment.


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