Modified operation of some trains in preparation for KORAIL Typhoon Nanmadol

KTX train. / Photo = KORAIL

Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) announced on the 18th that it would adjust train operations in advance for routes expected to be directly damaged by Typhoon 14 ‘Nanmadol’ along with strong winds and heavy rain.

The target train is the train that runs from 9 to 12 on the 19th. KTX and Donghae Line electric trains will be flexibly adjusted according to the path and influence of the typhoon.

KORAIL adjusts the operation of some trains in preparation for typhoon 'Nan Madol'

It was decided to suspend 22 regular trains, including the Gyeongbu, Gyeongjeon, Daegu, Donghae, and Yeongdong lines, and modify 12 sections. A KORAIL official said, “The decision whether to adjust additional trains depends on the course of the typhoon.” “If there is an important schedule, it can be changed in advance, and the purchased ticket is automatically refunded without any fees, even if it has not been cancelled.” If purchased with cash, it can be returned at stations nationwide within a year.

By Kim Eun-jung, staff reporter

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