Mohanlal family and pets | Mohanlal’s family along with pets…

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Mohanlal and Amana’s animal caricature together is gaining popularity. A caricature made by famous screenwriter Suresh Babu has gone viral. In addition to his wife and children, about ten domestic animals have been featured in the cartoon along with Mohanlal. The caricature has been presented to the audience through a documentary.

Mohanlal himself released the documentary. The video starts with Mohanlal thanking Suresh Babu who drew the caricature. The documentary proceeds in the voice of Suresh Babu. The beautiful caricature can also be seen in the video.

No cent to me, more than that painted. This is a new movie directed by Suresh Babu. My family and pets. The film features one of his pets, a cat. Mohanlal says in the video that he hopes Suresh Babu will shoot it, The documentary is produced by Janata Motion Picture. Suresh Babu also had the idea of ​​the documentary ‘Mohanlal’ as Aavasa Vyuham.

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