Moisturizing, soothing… 3 Benefits of Cucumber for Skin


Rich in flavonoids, vitamins A and C, etc.

cucumberIf you put it in cold water, kimbap, sushi, etc. zestHe has a talent for adding but cucumber skin healthMany people are unaware that they can dramatically change their appearance and appearance. According to dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wexler, cucumber vitamin C, caffeic acid etc. skin treatment and grooming effectContains abundant ingredients with

These ingredients are Inflammationor tingling symptomssecond decreaseorder. In addition moistureThis rich cucumber keep moistmake it cucumber peelin silicaThere is an ingredient called skincast solidIt has the effect of making “Even for people with sensitive skin, cucumber works without any side effects,” says Dr. Wexler. The Huffington Post in the US The effect of cucumber on the skin Three were introduced.


relieve puffiness in the eyes

cucumber slicessecond around the eyesIt can be treated quickly by attaching it to the cucumber swollen eyelidssecond Calmto make small ice packplays the same role as Dr. Wexler said, “Cucumbers flavonoidsWow antioxidantsIf it contains this, the skin may swell or redness or inflammation When there is a back like this symptoms easeIt acts as a stimulant.” “Cucumbers also swell constrict blood vesselsto do cooling effectIt helps to reduce the swelling of the eyes,” he said.


Treats sunburn and inflammation

Excessive exposure to the hot sun Sunburn (Ultraviolet Burn)if this happens inflammatory responsedue to the skin red and itchy symptomsappears. In particular, the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin areas can be severe. In cucumber moistureincluding Potassium, sulfate, vitamins A and C It is rich in nutrients such as relieve skin problemsacts to make At least apply cucumber slices to areas of the face affected by sunburns, etc. more than 15 minutes put it up


Has anti-aging effect

Dr Wexler made in the form of dough half cucumberWow 2 tablespoons plain yogurtmade by putting face maskrecommend After applying it to the skin about 15 minutes Afterwards, rinse it off with warm water. Dr. Wexler said, “Cucumbers vitamin CWow caffeic acid There are two antioxidants wrinklesor damage from UV raysIt helps to prevent it,” he said. He said, “Yogurt is dustWow dead skin cells“It is perfect when mixed with cucumber, which has a cleansing effect. hydrationclass soothing effectpay,” he said.

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