Mom fights for classroom cameras after exposing oral abuse by the West Virginia instructors

Secret classroom recording with comments by teacher instructors for special needs students. There is now a community in play.

The first protest over this weekend came over in the Martinsburg, West Virginia, at the Town Center. Amber Park recorded the tutors at the Elementary School of Berkeley Heights making comments that interfere with the first phase in a special education class.

There was a child in the classroom in the classroom.

Tutor No. 1: "I should correct you right in the teeth. How is that for anxiety?"

The package from our 7 I-Team On Your Side audit says earlier this month, the community is going around its families.

"People are heavy and they are quite angry," said Amber Pack, a mother of a class student.

There is a pack fighting back with a pet trying to take a law to bring cameras inside classrooms in West Virginia.

"In 24 hours, we reached only 2,500 signatures. I hope we can do something," said Package.

The recording was withdrawn to the school area in October and is still under investigation.

The teacher resigned to the recording each other and there are two other parts of the recording on paid administration leave.


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