‘Mom is an Idol’ Park Jung-ah, the first full jewelry stage in 12 years

‘Mom is an idol’

Singer Jung-ah Park dominated the stage with her refreshing singing ability and extraordinary charisma.

In the special concert special of tvN’s ‘Mom is an Idol’ broadcast on the 20th, Park Jung-ah performed a complete stage with Jewelry members Seo In-young, Ha Joo-yeon, and Kim Eun-jung, who gathered in one place for the first time in 12 years.

On this day’s broadcast, even the dancers who were together at that time appeared for the stage of the complete jewelry, making those who watched it cry.

First, Park Jung-ah made the viewers laugh by making cute teasing (?) about the program as if her sadness exploded when the members she worked with came to visit. Those who practiced over and over again slowly remembered the choreography and performed the ET dance, which was the greatest hit at the time, making the audience look forward to the jewelry on stage.

When the song ‘One more Time’ started, Park Jung-ah showed a professional side and dominated the stage with charisma radiating from her body. The stage of the Jewelry members who recreated those days with the thrill coming from Jeonju left a deep impression with endless applause.

After the stage, Park Jung-ah said, “It’s fun. It’s so precious,” he said, expressing his overwhelming feelings about the meaningful time spent with the members. Here, the jewelry members, who celebrated their 20th anniversary, conveyed their feelings that they were happy to be able to present a stage like a gift to their fans.

Not only that, on the second stage of ‘Superstar’, Park Jung-ah drew enthusiastic cheers from everyone with her girl-crush charm and refreshing singing ability. The jewelry members, who showed an exciting stage, added vitality to the small screen with pleasant energy.

Meanwhile, Park Jung-ah, who made her debut in ‘Mom is an Idol’ by achieving the debut conditions of 20,000 SNS followers and 2,000 fan clubs within a month, said, “I wanted to be loved because they were people who were loved. Thank you so much for your support,” he said in tears. Attention is focused on what kind of performance she will show before her debut.

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