‘Mom is an idol’ who covered the ESPA stage… The reaction was really uproar because of one person (video)

The response to ‘Mom is an Idol’, which depicts a new leap forward for mothers who have left the stage due to childbirth and childcare, is hot.

Hereinafter, tvN’s ‘Mom is an Idol’

In tvN’s ‘Mom is an Idol’ broadcast on the 14th, the members covered Espa’s ‘Next Level’ as the first complete mission. From the moment they appeared, they showed a force comparable to that of an active singer and overpowered the baseline.

As the stage began in earnest, admiration and applause poured in. While covering high-level choreography, he captured the hearts of younger idol singers and the audience with his incredible live skills.

In particular, Sunye was the one that many viewers paid attention to. When Sunye sang her first part, many responded that she thought she was returning to active duty in ‘Wonder Girls’. On this day, Sunye also took the main vocal position amid fierce competition.

In fact, Naver TV users said, “Take the Sunye passport (who lives in Canada) seriously. Serious”, “Idols have gone crazy since Sunye appeared”, “I can only see Kahee and Sunye”, “Isn’t Sunye just an active idol”, “Sunye really is” It’s a fraudulent character. The gap is 10 years,” “Sunye was perfect from the beginning to the end,” and “Sunye was brilliant.”

In addition, Kahi, who held the center, and Byul, who is a solo artist who is new to group activities, were also mentioned, so there are a lot of people who support the union of the six members.

After the broadcast, the scene is receiving high attention, ranking first in Naver TV’s real-time TOP100 video as of 10 am on the 15th.

Naver TV, tvN ‘Mom is an idol’



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