“Mom Jo” removes masks, leads a march against state policy Mandatory vaccination against COVID-19

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4 Dec. 2021 17:55

“Mom Jo” took off her mask and led a march against the policy of forced vaccination against COVID-19, raising “our body is our freedom, not a pharmaceutical company”, remarked. Doctors and Ministers of Public Health accelerate Even though it has been tested for a while, it has been used.

At 1:00 PM on December 4, 64 at Sala Daeng BTS Station, Silom Road, the group “The Resistance THA, led by ML Rungkun Kitiyakon or Mom Jo, made an appointment with the united front. A symbolic march against government policies to force people to vaccinate against COVID-19.

The group held various message banners. that conveys the penalty of vaccination against COVID-19 with pictures of people affected by the vaccine until death and disability. After that, the protesters moved to settle down in front of the two gates of Lumpini Park. It is worth noting that in this gathering Many leaders and participants refused to wear masks. during the rally Then, a large vinyl sign was put on the garden gate, saying “Our body is our freedom, not a pharmaceutical company”, featuring a man being hijacked by a gun while being injected.

ML Rungkun said that vaccination is our body’s right to allow anyone to put anything in us. Covid-19 vaccine There are side effects. Ask if it’s really preventable. because seen injected everywhere, there was an epidemic there But what motivates people? responsible have to push and have to set a target for the number of people injecting, but say it is not mandatory Do drug companies benefit?

The leader against forced vaccination against COVID-19 said that those who supported it as doctors And the Minister of Public Health knows that the Covid-19 vaccine It is also considered an experimental drug. Was invented and produced for human use in just 6 months, while other vaccines It took 10 years to test, so it was considered a drug that has not passed the official test to use with the people. I can see that many people before the injection did not have a congenital disease, but the doctor said it was a congenital disease.

“What drives politicians and doctors to push them? The drug industry has the most criminal record. Especially the famous vaccine companies now. The whole story, if it’s not true, can come and sue him. He insisted that he would not inject But now, people who don’t inject are accused of being a threat to society. Be careful, one day, if the truth comes out, you will get a check. and do not claim to follow orders After this, he will submit a letter to the Ministry of Public Health. and continue to push this idea to the public.”

At 4:40 p.m. Mom Jo led the masses to the front of the Australian Embassy in Thailand, Wireless Road, to submit a letter to the Australian Ambassador to Thailand. Urges the Australian government to stop violating people’s rights to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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