Mom Jo says ‘it’s like a world war’ brings the mob to show power ‘No vaccination for coronavirus’ in front of Australian embassy

Mom Jo says ‘it’s like a world war’ brings the mob to show power ‘No vaccination for coronavirus’ in front of Australian embassy

On December 4th, continued ML Rungkun Kitiyakara or Mom Jo, son of Apasara Hongsakul The first Miss Universe of Thailand Along with more than 100 people gathered to hold news and text banners. in front of Silom Complex before marching to give a speech in front of the entrance of Lumpini Park to oppose the mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 The activity started from around 12.50 hrs.

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Later, at 4:37 p.m., after the participants switched up to address the dangers of vaccination. Reporters reported that ML Rungkhun said We will continue to the Australian embassy. As a country that is heavily oppressed, people who do not receive (vaccination) are now criminals. treated like a criminal besides Australia Still occurring in many countries around the world, the latest law, the European Union president also came out to support the EU to enforce vaccination, which has more than 50 million people who refuse to vaccinate.

“It’s like ‘World War’ is just the group above. do not fight internationally But the fight between the people above and the general people who took the (leaf) out at the same time, so we organized today’s activities and what must be continued is these measures if we do not stand up ‘We have rights to our bodies’ if we don’t get up. We stay silent. We get hit. There needs to be more to express that we’re deprived. There are people who know what’s going on and won’t tolerate it any more,” M.L. Rungkun said.

ML Rungkhun Kitiyakara or Mom Jo

before walking to the Australian embassy ML Rungkhun also said that We’re just out there to show our oneness with the world. Because it’s not just us one country. but also have friends from other countries around the world

Then, M.L. Rungkun led the procession holding up a news photo banner. by crossing the road from Lumpini Park to Wireless Road before heading to the Australian embassy There are police officers at Lumpini Police Station to supervise safety and facilitate the assembly throughout the assembly.

Until 4:48 p.m., the procession reached the front. The Australian Embassy in Thailand, Witthayu Road, Pathum Wan District, participants gathered in front of the Australian Embassy signboard. before holding up a message sign and sharing a photo to show the symbolic power

Then two male activists stood up and held a piece of paper with a portrait of a person’s face. and the message “Wanted Crime against Humanity” in front of embassy officials to oppose vaccination. before departing for departure. This is because the embassy is closed.


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