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Moment announces the adapter type anamorphic lens “Moment 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter”. By starting crowdfunding on Kickstarter and supporting the project, you can purchase at a limited price (up to $ 400, 30% discount). If you buy the “Moment VND filter” with the product, you will get a $ 99 discount. Scheduled to be shipped in December 2022.

With this product, user-owned lenses can turn vintage and modern lenses into classic anamorphic lenses.

In designing the product, the company sought to achieve iconic anamorphic characteristics such as horizontal flare, widescreen aspect ratio, subtle distortion, and gentle roll-off of sharpness.

For vintage lenses, the adapter combines an endless variety of looks from vintage glass with a classic anamorphic approach. By blending the properties of classic anamorphic and vintage glass, it gives the option to create a distinctive look for the project.

The product has a 1.33x squeeze that converts 16: 9 video to a beautiful widescreen 2: 35: 1 and is compatible with more sensors and editing software.

If it is 1.33 times, you can use all the purchased pixels because you can trim the image less in post production. And because it is 1.33 times, it is possible to make the design as compact as possible. Most editing software has a 1.33x anamorphic default, so you can easily get a widescreen with a single button click.

Anamorphic adapters were hard to come by, not easy to use, and often had more problems than their value. The company wants to change them with the Moment 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter, which makes it as easy to use in a workflow as a regular lens:

The company worked on this project with the desire to express the history of classic anamorphic with everyday lenses. The aim was to achieve affordable price and cinema-grade quality, and to make shooting as easy as shooting with a conventional lens.

It is difficult to make a large cylindrical element at a reasonable price, and it was repeated many times until the product was completed. We also spent a lot of time properly aligning the anamorphic and producing stable results.

It is compatible with many base lenses and can be used with both vintage and modern lenses.

■ Main functions and specifications

  • Lens type: Front anamorphic lens adapter
  • Composition: 4 groups of 6 pieces
  • Squeeze ratio: 1.33 times
  • Focus: Front single focus
  • F number (maximum): 2.0
  • Shortest shooting distance: 0.7m
  • Focus rotation angle: 180 °
  • Rear prime (S35): 35mm-100mm +
  • Rear prime (full frame): 50mm-100mm or more
  • Focal length range of prime lens: infinite
  • Front filter size: 82mm
  • Rear aperture: 44mm
  • Coating: Gold flare
  • Rear mount: M67 x 0.75 screws
  • Product length: 77.6mm-92mm (excluding lens cap)
  • Weight: 880g

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