Monday is expected to be unfair before the Tuesday storm

There is still much snow here for this winter in much of Boston's Greatest City, with the biggest storm for most of us coming before Thanksgiving. Now, there is a new storm system to give Tuesday a dirty competition and while it's not a big snow maker, it's all going slowly to things while you're going home today's evening.

The snow will come somewhere between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., west to west. Before that, although there could be a few snow, I do not think we'll see any weather problems. Given that the snow is still a day from the start, the time on this may be on or off for an hour or so.

When the snow goes on, it will be very heavy for amounts 1 to 2 inches per hour. This will greatly reduce things and you will want to plan accordingly. As we have seen in the past, driving is at worst at traveling height during a fixed snow. It often happens that people see the snow and that everyone heads on the door and things can get ugly quickly.

I expect to spend 3 to 6 minutes in Boston with more north and west and less towards South Shore and Cape Cod. If it's like the cold air is going a bit longer, I move the line 5 to 9 inches closer to Interstate 495, possibly to Merrimack Valley.

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If the air is hot so it will come sooner, it will take the line 1 to 3 inches to Boston. As usual, the most populous areas have the highest uncertainty.

On Tuesday, the mix line will go north and the snow will eventually change in Boston. I hope a mix will be far beyond the interior and up towards New Hampshire and thus, some icons will be on top of the snow.

The shovel is a good idea as much as possible during the afternoon so that you do not have to tackle that heavy matter, which will develop after the mixture comes.

The temperatures go through Tuesday overnight and Wednesdays, the hards will enter the 40s for a great break. The sun is now this year of the year in October. This means when the sun comes out, things can melt faster than it could be back in December.

Dry things look on on Thursday and when we go towards Friday, there will be another batch of showers across the area, but it will be too hot with any snow.

There may be another storm system next week. This would be an extra boost for ski areas for the winter break.

Speaking about skiing, the mountains will see 8 to 12 inches of snow from this storm. Skiing should be good on Thursday with no airy air.

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