Monet’s “Water Lily Pond and Rose” sold for 154.1 million yuan in China

Claude Monet’s museum-level “Water Lily” series “Water Lily Pond and Rose” sold for 154.1 million yuan (RMB, the same below) at the Chinese auction on the evening of the 28th.

The first “Impressionist and Modern Art Night Auction” launched by China Guardian Auctions raised the hammer that night. The auction of “Water Lily Pond and Rose” started at 90 million yuan, and soon exceeded 120 million yuan. Finally, it was sold at 134 million yuan to the collector on the 521 telephone number, and it was sold at 154.1 million yuan with a commission.

The painting is a representative work of Monet’s mature style, depicting the Giverny Gardens with unique brushstrokes and vibrant tones.This is the garden he built by himself, and it is also his most prestigious paintingtheme. The arched scaffold covered with roses can be seen in the picture. From this perspective, Monet has only three works depicting the Giverny Gardens. This “Water Lily Pond and Rose” is the widest of the three.

The work was created in 1913. Earlier, Monet had just lost his second wife, and he created this work in great sadness.

There was also a “Stairs” created by Monet in 1878 that night, which was sold for 28.75 million yuan. In addition, Picasso’s “Woman in a Hat” sold for 23.575 million yuan, Camille Pissarro’s “Bazincourt Laundry Pool” sold for 20.7 million yuan, and Paul Secau’s “Portrait” sold for 12.65 million yuan. .

It is worth mentioning that “The Woman Wearing a Hat” also has a high reputation in China. The painting was painted in 1965. Picasso was 84 years old when he created this painting. The model in the painting is Picasso’s last wife, Jacqueline Rock.

All five lots were sold that night, with a total turnover of nearly 240 million yuan.

(Source: China News Network)

Article source: China News Network

Original title: Monet’s “Water Lily Pond and Rose” sold for 154.1 million yuan in China

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