Money Expo 2021, a strong promotion to support the money spread of 2.75 billion baht

The 21st Bangkok Money Expo Money Expo 2021 organized by Money & Banking Journal on December 23-26 in the past, banks/nonbanks/insurance/assets/asset. Compete in the year-end promotion, generating a total of 27,500 million baht in offline and online transactions, 0% interest promotions, pushing home loans / home refinancing to the 1st place with a total loan amount of 20,900 million baht. Low interest e. 3,470 million baht. People interested in buying life insurance / insurance / health insurance, with a sum insured of more than 1,300 million baht. Investors accept digital assets, congested account opening parade.

Ms. Paknee Wiriyarangsarit co-organizer Money Expo Money Expo revealed that the 21st Bangkok Money Expo Money Expo 2021, which was held in the concept of “Future Wealth”, during 23-26 December 2021 at Hall 9-12, Impact Muang Thong Thani. succeed again amid the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak by banks, financial institutions life insurance company insurance company health insurance company Securities companies (Assets), Asset management companies (Assets) participating in the event competed to offer special promotions at the end of the year. As a result, there are financial and investment transactions. Both offline traveling to use the service at the event. and online transactions through the platform MoneyExpoOnline totaling over 27,500 million baht from over 40,000 subscribers

The number 1 transaction with the highest value was home loans and home refinancing. Total loan amount of more than 20,900 million baht from home loan promotions of banks that compete in the event, such as Bank of Ayudhya. Home loan, 0% interest rate, 3 months, collateral appraisal fee 50%, first-year interest rate decreases by 0.25% per year, Government Savings Bank, home loan, interest rate 0.250%, average first 3 years, free contract and service fees Government Housing Bank (GHB) home loan interest rate 2.60% per annum Krung Thai Bank home loan Interest rate 2.77% for 3 years, maximum credit line 110%

Siam Commercial Bank Home loan/second hand home/home refinancing Interest Rate 4.33% CIMB Thai Bank New/Used Home Loans 2.49% interest rate for the first 3 years average home refinance loan Average interest rate for the first 3 years 2.39% Bangkok Bank Mortgage/Refinance First year interest rate 1.99% TMB Bank Thanachart Home Loans / Home Loans Refinance/Money Exchange Home Loan Plus, special interest rate, average 4.63% per year for the first 3 years, home loan refinance Special interest rate, average for the first 3 years, 2.75% per annum

There are also NPA properties available for sale at a special price, such as Bank of Ayudhya, NPA property, 50% discount, Kasikorn Bank, NPA property, discount up to 60%, interest rate 0% for 6 months, loan up to 100%, free appraisal. and the Government Housing Bank (GHB) second-hand houses or NPA properties with 0% down payment per year for up to 24 months, totaling NPA sales in the event of more than 240 million baht.

At the event, there is also National Credit Information Company Limited to provide free credit bureau checks! can know the results immediately with a large number of visitors queuing for service throughout 4 days

2nd place SME loans Total loan amount and loan guarantee amount 3,470 million baht, which SME entrepreneurs will receive special promotions that banks compete in the event, such as Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank (SME D Bank). business loan Interest rates start at only 4.5% per year, loan amount up to 50 million baht, Siam Commercial Bank, SSME loans, special interest rates of 1.99% per year for the first 3 months and the Export-Import Bank of Thailand (Exim Bank). Issuing red labels – increasing export credit The interest rate for the first 2 years is only 5% per year.

The Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) has a credit guarantee program for business operators affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Charge a credit guarantee fee of 1.75% per annum (the government supports fees 3-7 years total 3.5% per year) Maximum guarantee limit of not more than 150 million baht. Guarantee for no more than 10 years.
3rd place: Life Insurance/Insurance and Bank Assurance representing a total sum insured of more than 1,300 million baht Short to medium term savings insurance Pension insurance for tax deduction lump sum health insurance with a high coverage limit of 30-100 million baht, and critical illness insurance has also received a lot of attention.

In which insurance buyers at the event will receive special promotions according to the specified insurance premiums, such as Thai Life Assurance Plc., gift vouchers of 100,000 baht, iPhone 13Pro, gold bars weighing 1 baht, Apple Watch Series 7 Muang Plc. Thai Life Assurance receives 2 baht gold bars, iPhone13, iPad Krungthai AXA PCL. receives iPhone13, Dhipaya Insurance PCL. Health and accident insurance, receive a 10% discount in Southeast Asia for insurance and finance businesses. Receive a gift of up to 4,000 baht, Samsung Life Insurance PCL. Customers can buy products in the Samsung group at a discount of 20-90%.

Ms. Paknee also revealed that This year, it has the 4th highest deposit/savings lotteries and bonds, totaling more than 560 million baht from promotions for high-interest deposits at the event, such as the Government Savings Bank, bringing 108 special call deposits with an average step-up interest rate. 3% per year, causing people to wait in line from the morning every day to reserve the right to receive special promotions Government Housing Bank (GHB) deposit 5,000 baht, win a grand prize of up to 1 million baht, CIMB Thai Bank opens a savings account, Speed ​​D+, high interest 8 times.

Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), 24 months tax-free deposit, 1.3% interest rate, Thaweechok savings deposit which is a deposit that earns interest with a chance to win prizes Thai Credit Retail Bank Instant Deposit Instant interest 1.35% per annum on the deposit date, special savings deposit Interest rate 1.15% p.a. and 36-month tax-free deposit at a fixed rate of 2.15% p.a.

This year, there were more than 7,200 credit card applicants with a loan amount of 510 million baht and personal loans with more than 2,100 applicants, totaling a loan amount of 230 million baht. There were many special promotions at the event such as Krung Thai Bank. general purpose loan Interest rate 4% for 30 years, Krungthai Smart Money Loan, up to 5 times loan, 60-month installment payment, Kasikorn Bank instant cash loan Interest rate 0% for up to 30 days, Siam Commercial Bank, Speedy Loan cash card, minimum interest rate 9.99% per year, and Speedy Cash card, special 0% interest rate, maximum 3 billing cycles.

CIMB Thai Bank Extra Cash Personal Loan Interest rate 11.88% per annum for the first 24 accounting cycles, Personal Cash Personal Loan, interest 11.84% per annum, Citibank personal loan Lowest interest rate 9.99% AEON Thana Sinsap Public Company Limited 0% gold installment for 10 months Thai Credit Retail Bank Personal revolving loan Interest rate 9.99% per annum for up to 120 days

As for other investment financial services, at the event, there were many investors and applying for services, such as investing in mutual funds of more than 100 million baht and opening a stock-derivative/gold-cryptocurrencies account. Nancy includes more than 2,400 by digital asset trading center service, which is a new zone in the fair. It has been very popular with visitors. 3 leading Thai exchanges, Bitkub, Zipmex and Satang Pro, have raised their activities to attract young investors who love digital assets. and receive many souvenirs. In addition, it is also crowded with famous influencers in the cryptocurrency world who meet investors closely at the event. As a result, within the new zone, there were over 4,100 visitors to the event over the course of 4 days.


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