Home Business “Mongkhon” presses “Happy Home Story” to highlight a new image Build Awareness – Stimulate Gen YZ Purchasing Power

“Mongkhon” presses “Happy Home Story” to highlight a new image Build Awareness – Stimulate Gen YZ Purchasing Power

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Munkong Housing PCL. Running a marketing campaign strategy “Happy Home Story” projected to reveal a new image that is modern. through an advertising film youtube.com/munkongfamily for the first time with 4ep that tells about the function of designing a house under the concept of “Chuan Chuen” brand. “Happy Home Stay” hopes to create awareness and stimulate purchasing power of new customers, Gen Y – Z, confident that this campaign will be another key to help drive sales to grow as planned.

Mr. Sakdina Manlert, Deputy Managing Director of Project Management, Munkong Housing Public Company Limited or MK, a real estate developer for sale. For rent and for service, revealed that the landscape of the low-rise housing market in 2021 is more competitive. Due to the changing behavior of consumers who turned their attention to whether it was a detached house, twin house or townhouse However, part of the factor comes from the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus. I have to admit that this year is more intense than last year. and is a stimulus for consumers Most of them have changed their lifestyles. from housing demand to media consumption especially online media that play a role in life, resulting in stability, having to adapt to the current situation in order to meet all the needs of customers Whether adjusting the functions and design of the house Or choosing a marketing communication tool that can create awareness to the target group.

“Mongkong has launched a marketing campaign Happy Home Story through online media to create awareness. to expand the target group and expand the purchasing power to new customers The highlight of the campaign is to reflect the happiness of each person’s lifestyle, with a total of 4eps. Each ep will tell about the function and design of the house, the “Chun Chuen” brand, that it can meet the needs of living in every lifestyle is real After launching this campaign, it received quite good feedback from both online and onsite channels.”

For the Happy Home Story campaign, it communicates the new image of “Songkong” that is modern. In addition, the function design has been designed to meet the diverse lifestyles of everyone in the family. Including the selection of media to create awareness and expand the customer base to the GenY – GenZ group by presenting it through commercial movies. youtube.com/munkongfamily for the first time under the concept “Happy home stay”

There are 4 ep, including ep1: Happy Time, reflecting the moments of happiness when living together at home, ep2: Happy Community, presenting stories of happiness in living in a quality society. have good neighbors Shared with each other, ep3 : Happy Design to see the function of the “house” that can be adjusted according to the lifestyle of the residents and ep4 : Happy Facilities with facilities intended to be designed for generations. new whole green area both areas for pets And all this so that every life can have a place of happiness together.

Mr. Sakdina added that in order to meet the needs of people who want to have a real home (Real Demand), the company has arranged special promotions such as booking only 999 baht * receive a discount of up to 390,000 baht, with free electrical appliances *, free transfer fees. *, free public service fee for 3 years * and free installation of water meter, electricity * etc. as well as being a home loan consultant for our customers as well.

However, from the working policy to be in line with the current situation and keep up with the needs of consumers that are constantly changing We are confident that the second half of 2021 can continue to grow and the “Happy Home Story” campaign will be one of the keys to boost purchasing power and reflect a new image. Ready to move forward as planned to launch 3 new projects with a total value of 2,347 million baht during the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter, confident that the sales will definitely meet the target.

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