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In “Monster Hunter Sun Break (Monster Hunter Sun Break)”, I will introduce the strongest Heavy Bowgun.

The strongest fire attribute heavy bowgun is Kuto Suprema (Espinas subspecies heavy bowgun)

▼ Attack power and number of slots.

▼ List of usable ammunition and loading capacity 1.

▼ List of usable ammunition and loading capacity 2.

Features of Cakto Supreme

main fire powera penetrating flame bulletThe attack power and affinity rate are high, and the weapon slot has a level 4 slot and a hundred dragon slot 3, and if you set the loading speed to 1, you can comfortably use penetrating flame bullets .

Attach the whole body ball 2 and steel soul dragon ball to the weapon itselfEffective weapon affinity rate is 55%Since it is up to, it is very compatible with the attribute satisfaction skill.

All levels of bullet spreadAs it is possible to load 3 shots at a timeIf you have room, stack 2 to 3 recoil reduction, when downhit hard fleshIt will be possible to fight around, so you can easily complete the destruction of parts.

The strongest water gun is the Crab Buster Heavy (Daimyouzazami Heavy Bowgun).

The strongest water attribute heavy bowgun is a heavy buster club that can be made from Daimyo Thistle material.

▼ Basic statistics

▼ Ammo 1 available

▼ Ammo 2 available

By default, 5 water-cooled penetrating bullets are loaded and the weaponLevel 3 slot and Hyakuryu level 3 slotThe strength is that it has

By equipping the steel soul dragon orb, the actual affinity rate is 15% + you can activate water attribute enhancement 5 just by preparing two level 1 slots in the armor part (or level 2 x 1 slot), so the difficulty of composing equipment in It is low.

Although it has the disadvantage of not being able to use water-cooled bullets as backup ammunition, it is a weapon capable of producing extremely high firepower at once.

If you increase the hit rate of the weapon itself with puppet transformation, the affinity with attribute hit skills will increase, so it is recommended to strengthen it.

What is the strongest heavy bowgun with lightning and ice attributes?

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