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Monk alms-of-life “Penguin-Rainbow” Von Yom quit fasting Live for the sky after the rain

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The King asks for alms of life. “Penguin-Rainbow”, the leader of the people, asked to stop starving for the sky after the rain. To live to see change, suggest to fight, to create

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Today (17 Apr) Phra Rachatham Nithet or Phra Phayom Kalayano, Abbot of Suan Kaew Temple Nonthaburi Province Gave an interview while recording the program “Kalayano Ok” about the fasting case of Mr. Prit Chivarak or Penguin and Ms. Panasaya Sitthichirawattanakul or Rung to protest against the Thai justice system. Who still did not give the right to bail to come out to fight the M.112 case that “I asked for alms for life, Mr. Penguin and Rung, stopped fasting to live to see the change When the sky after the rain “

Phra Phayom said, “If you die now Although the penguin mother herself Will agree on the ideology of the child But I believe that the heart of the mother is deep, I definitely do not want the child to leave now. “

Abbot of Suan Kaew Temple Look at how past the penguin protests hunger and the rainbow. This is especially the case of penguins who have been fasting for more than a month. Until today, it is not in vain Quitting fasting is not a waste of ideals. Because it already reflects the problems of the Thai justice system Therefore I do not want to think only about fighting, but also want to look at creating stories Should fight to build By asking for alms for life Ask them both to return to their food so their brains can think, read, and fight to build. Wish both of them to live To wait and see the changes that will occur in the future

Phra Phayom also emphasized that “Suppose .. until you die I believe that Thai justice system Would not have been glorious Because there is still lust in the justice system There is still something that he is afraid of, anything of him .. Therefore, must preserve his life. Both the penguin and the rainbow Must live To wait and see the changes that will take place by themselves “

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