Monkey chickenpox spikes case parents rush to get chickenpox jab – how to tell the difference

Fears surrounding an increase in monkey chickenpox infections are rushing parents to vaccinate their children with chickenpox.

In the past six weeks, the number of people with chickenpox has increased by 146 percent.

According to Well Pharmacy’s data, this is usually twice the dosage on the market.

Experts say this may be due to confusion between the two viruses that cause the rash.

The head jab costs £130 and is not free on the NHS.

An additional 71 cases of monkey head infections were found in the UK last night, bringing the total number of infections in the UK to 179.

Health warning to all Brits ahead of Jubilee weekend as monkey chickenpox cases rise

The first case in the UK was recorded on May 7, but since then the number has surged to hundreds worldwide.

Just last month, parents were warned of dangerous outbreaks of chickenpox and scarlet fever infections, and many families were on high alert.

Experts say many common infections have decreased during the lockdown, but are now spreading to higher levels, especially affecting preschools and day care centers.

Ifti Khan, director of Well Pharmacy, said the current surge in cases of monkeypox is of concern.

“We will, of course, urge people to stay vigilant but not panic.

“While chickenpox and monkeypox are transmitted in similar ways through close contact, respiratory droplets, and direct contact with contaminated objects, monkeypox is much rarer and less spread.

“The important thing to remember is that the chickenpox vaccine does not protect people from monkey chickenpox. However, it is still important to protect yourself from chickenpox. Chickenpox can be much more serious, especially in adulthood.”

Early signs of monkey chickenpox include fever, headache, and muscle aches.

One of the differences between monkey chickenpox and chickenpox is that people with the latter usually do not experience swollen lymph nodes.

Monkyepox rashes usually start on the face and travel across the rest of the body.

The best way to detect both rashes, Khan said, is that in monkey heads, the rash develops within 1-3 days of a fever.

He explained: “There are several stages in the monkey head. The first stage develops into papules and fluid-filled pustules before they form a scab and fall off.

Signs of monkey chickenpox you should know

Early symptoms of monkey pox include:

  • Heat
  • headache
  • Muscle pain
  • lumbago
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • chills and fatigue

The rash often starts on the face and can spread to other parts of the body, including the genitals.

The rash changes and goes through several stages.

It may look like chickenpox at first, but it may look like chickenpox before the bumps rise and fill with pus.

These lesions eventually form scabs and fall off later.

“Chicken pox is usually formed in different ways.

“In a chickenpox rash, the spots do not develop uniformly and appear at different times.

“However, monkey chickenpox lesions appear and develop simultaneously.”

As infections continue to rise, Brits must be vigilant over the weekend of jubilee to contain cases of monkey pox spread.

Bugs are mild diseases that get better over time, and in very rare cases can lead to death.

It is most prevalent in parts of West or Central Africa, but cases are increasing worldwide.

Millions of people across the country will take part in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the current monarch’s tenure.

Events such as street parties, pub gatherings and barbecues will be held.

But as more people flocked in, doctors warned of a potential spread.

UKHSA South West Health Protection Consultant Dr Charlotte Bigland said:

“There were noticeably more confirmed cases among gay, bisexual and men who had sex with men. Therefore, we ask these groups to be aware of these symptoms, especially if they have recently had a new sexual partner. .

“Anyone with an unusual rash or lesion on any part of the body should contact 111 or their local sexual health service for advice.”

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