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Capcom announced on September 22nd, “Monster Hunter: Break the Sun progress]A gameplay video was released by the developer on the official Twitter account. In the video, you can see the developer hunting down the Espinus subspecies, which will be added in the second free title update to be released on September 29, in solo play. His live skill seems to be attracting attention from users.

In the public video, the developer uses a slash axe. It is a type of weapon that can be used right between sword mode, which is powerful but slow to move and uses the meter when attacking, and ax mode, which can recover the meter and has good support. It can also be confirmed that the developer has managed to capture the Nuri Turtle that exists in the base camp area. Nurikame is a hunting equipment creature, if you have it, even if you have some physical strength and you receive a lot of damage, you will only have 1 physical strength. Possessing an effect equivalent to “guts” in terms of equipment skills, it would be a useful hunting gear creature against powerful monster opponents. You can see the one side that doesn’t miss the preparation because he is a skilled hunter.

Espinus and its subspecies are basically sleeping quietly when discovered. He is a monster that only gets angry when he is constantly attacked, revealing his hidden ferocity. In the video, the sleeping attack scene is completely cut, and the fight scene begins with the awakening roar. What I want you to notice here is that the roar is avoided by stepping. He continues to cut Espinus subspecies in sword mode, stops attacking just before the roar, uses the invincible time of the step, and dodges it brilliantly.

The Espinus subspecies, which was continuously attacked during the roar, transformed into the angry state it was. Although this roar was unfortunately not avoided, the developer’s great play continues after that. Standing at the feet of the subspecies Espinus and continuing to slash in sword mode, the monster’s attacks seem to constantly avoid the stairs.

In addition, the scene where the Espinus subspecies looses and releases a charge breath attack, which is a special move, is also unveiled. A subspecies of Espinus that raises its head high, shakes its body, and jumps while firing a huge breath behind itself. While the screen was covered with breath attack explosions and poisonous smoke effects, a figure of a hunter walked silently towards the Espinus subspecies. Although it was barely visible, the developer had managed to avoid the breath of excitement using the irresistible time. After that, the developer hit the head of the Espinus subspecies with an attribute release thrust, just like a counter. This is the first time to cancel the shot off after finishing with the iron fly thread technique and stopping the gap.

After that, Otomo Airu’s secret support technique explodes with skillful play such as sharpening the weapon when the cat-type dragon spear is activated, and turning to attack while rolling and dodging the released breath attack. Amazingly, and without difficulty, he managed to subdue a single, and the video ended.

It should be noted that playing this time is a special high difficulty quest that was showcased at the Tokyo Game Show. In addition to the time limit of only 15 minutes, it seems that the firepower of the monsters has been strengthened. It wasn’t just a video of subjugating the Espinus subspecies solo, but a video of clearing a quest with high difficulty specs. Based on such a background, the user’s praise is sent to the reply column, and there are also posts praising “Prohan”.

On the other hand, some users note that the dodge performance skill has been activated in the equipment of this slash axe. In the high difficulty quests at the Tokyo Game Show, the equipment used for each type of weapon was determined, and the equipment for the slash ax was equipped with Lv5 evasion performance skills. Without this skill, it can be difficult to avoid using the Espinus subspecies’ charge breath in the video and the invincible timing of the rush attack. I want to be careful about actually subduing.

It should be noted that the hunter in the video did not blindly fire a barrage of dodges, but only made the necessary dodges in accordance with the Espinus subspecies attack proposal. In addition to dodging, there are also scenes where the game system is used to improve efficiency. It’s not that he’s continuously firing so-called “frame dodge” without dodging performance, but there’s no doubt that he’s displaying his skillful skill.

By the way, the official Twitter account of this work released a subjugation video of a rare species of Nargacuga even before the first free title update was released. There, the sight of a hunter with no flush reduction skills attracted a lot of attention from users (related article). Unlike last time’s mischievous subjugation pattern, this time the developer showed a live video of individual subjugation. Or maybe it’s an attempt to redeem his reputation.

The second free title update for “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” will be rolled out on September 29th. In addition to the Espinus subspecies, various additional content is expected to appear, such as the rare species of Tamafox and the Onazuchi that have invaded the puppet.

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