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Monster Hunter Rise trial version, in a situation where it can not be downloaded due to access concentration | Second edition SUNDAY

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image: Second Edition SUNDAY

Speaking of Monster Hunter, it is a very popular game with cumulative sales of over 65 million units in the series, but it seems that hunters all over the country are sick of the release of the latest work “Monster Hunter Rise” scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch. The trial version of such “Monster Hunter Rise” was released on January 8, 2021, but it was supposed to be ridiculous due to access concentration.

“Monster Hunter Rise” Rise, released on March 26, 2021!

The long-awaited time has come! Considering that the 2018 world is a stationary machine (PS4) and the 2017 double cross is an updated version, it will be the first “portable machine Monhan” in about five and a half years since Monster Hunter Cross released in November 2015. !! The world was also interesting, but Monster Hunter really wants to play with a portable device.

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“Monster Hunter Rise DEMO” cannot be downloaded temporarily …

The time for hunting is finally approaching! Then, after noon on the download day of the trial version, I was excited to see the Switch, but the download did not start easily. If you take a look at the Nintendo homepage, you will be notified of any obstacles! This can’t be helped, so I decided to wait for a while.

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

The voice of the net is …

Those who accessed at the same time as the author seemed to be in the same situation. Patience: A skill required as a hunter.

In fact, after that, maintenance was carried out for a long time. Maintenance when you want to play as soon as possible … This is painful.

It seems that the heavy time period continued for a while after the maintenance was completed, but it seems that it became possible to download without problems around 22:00.

Already restored, “Monster Hunter Rise” is now available for download!

Then I will download it too! The capacity is 8.8GB, which is quite large for a trial version, so please be careful about the capacity of the micro card. Currently, 128GB microSD card is cheap, so if you don’t have enough capacity, we recommend you to prepare it. It took about 30 minutes to download, probably because the server was heavy even on the 9th.

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

You can try the trial version up to 30 quests.If you are an early person, this will end in a day …

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

By the way, don’t worry, training quests are not included in the number of times.

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

It may be awful to compare with the world, but it may be a little inferior graphically. However, if you look at it alone, you won’t be bothered at all, and you can get excited just by searching! I just played one quest, but the purchase is confirmed!

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

“Monster Hunter Rise” is waiting for hunters from all over the world, but the impression of the author who has been doing everything from MUJI is “I should definitely buy it”. The part that was daringly unfriendly up to XX (Double Cross) was solved quite a bit in the world, but Rise is moving anyway and it feels good!

Monster Hunter Rise that we can confidently recommend to those who have never played before! If you have a Switch, there’s no reason not to buy it! I can’t wait for March 26th! !!

There are many entertainers who love Monster Hunter, but Maki Goto is a crazy guy! It seems that there will be more opportunities to watch it along with Monster Hunter Rise on live broadcasts and TV programs.

source: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Image publisher: SS. Naoki


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