“Monster Hunter Rise” will be released on Friday, January 20, 2023 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4! | Press release from Capcom Co., Ltd.

The download version of Capcom’s action hunting game “Monster Hunter Rise” will be available from Friday, January 20, 2023 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows 11, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4. It was decided to release on.
It will also be compatible with Game Pass, making it possible to play on consoles and PC from the release date.
Dynamic endless action that brings a new style to hunting. An area where you can ascend as you wish. Unique monsters that bring excitement and surprise. “Monster Hunter Rise”, which charmed many hunters with its unprecedented hunting, will appear on a new game platform. In the spring of 2023, we plan to distribute “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, which will include a super-large expansion (paid). A new hunting experience awaits you.
First of all, check out the announcement trailer filled with high definition 4K graphics and dynamic action scenes.

raised beast hunterannouncement trailer(Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One,Windows 10Windows 11、PlayStation®5、PlayStation®4)

*The video is in development.

“Monster Hunter Rise” is for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows 11, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4 have started accepting orders in all stores from today.

  • raised beast hunter

Download Exclusive Suggested RetailPrice: tax included3990 yen

  • raised beast hunterdeluxe edition

Full game + various downloadable content“Deluxe Kit” includesset

・The main game of “Monster Hunter Rise”.
・ Hunter layered armor series “Kamurai”.
・Otomogaruku Layered Parts “Shuriken Garukara”
・Otomo Airou Layering Parts “Cat Fish Color”
・ Gestures (4 types of jumps)
・ Pose set (samurai suit)
・ Face paint (Kabuki paint)
・Hairstyle (Izuchi tail)

Download Exclusive Suggested RetailPrice: tax included4,990Circle

* “Deluxe Kit” is sold separately.
* Layered tools only change the appearance.

[Cynnwys buddion prynu archeb]

・ “Narikiri Retriever” (Otomogaruku layered equipment)
・ “Narikiri Forest” (Otomo Airou layered tools)
・ “Beginner’s talisman” is useful in the early stages
* Customers who purchased by 23:59 on Thursday, January 19, 2023 are eligible.
* Order purchase benefits may be available separately at a later date. Layered armor only changes appearance.

  • Start accepting orders on all shop pages

▼ Xbox Games Store/ Microsoft Store

(normal version)
(Deluxe Edition)

【Compatible models】
Xbox Series X|S
Xbox One
Windows 10, Windows 11
Game Pass From the date of release by subscriptionvia console or PCplayButpossible

* Smart Delivery compatible
* Xbox Play Anywhere compatible (You can play the game on another Xbox, Windows 10, or Windows 11 while keeping all save data, additional content, and achievements.)
* Online play is possible on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Other game hardware and cross-play/cross-save are not supported.

▼ PS Shop

(normal version)
(Deluxe Edition)

【Compatible models】

* This title allows you to download both the PS4™ download version and the PS5™ download version.
* You can play online multiplayer on PS5 and PS4, and transfer save data from PS4 to PS5. Other game hardware and cross-play/cross-save are not supported.

  • Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One,Windows 10, Windows 11、PlayStation®5、PlayStation®4Versionohmainfeature

▼ High definition 4K graphics, high frame rate support*Requires a compatible monitor.
In addition to being able to adjust image quality such as setting resolution and setting frame rate, high resolution textures can be rendered, allowing you to play games with more detailed expressions.
Supports 4K / 60fps or 1080p / 120fps resolution. (Xbox Series X, Windows 10, Windows 11, PlayStation®5)

Supports 3D audio(Xbox Series X | S, Windows 10, Windows 11, PlayStation®5) * Scheduled to be added to Xbox One in a spring update

Experience more immersive gameplay. A hunting ground with different environmental creatures, monsters roaming around, and the action of the hunter who hunts, the sound that increases the three-dimensional effect such as “depth” and “height” will make the hunting ground even more immersive.

▼ Adaptive TriggerCorrespondence(PlayStation®5)
You can enjoy the realism as the trigger of the gunner and the sense of protection with the shield.

Includes additional monsterstitle updatecontentalso in actionDone

The inclusion of the free title updates that have been implemented several times after the release of the main game on other game platforms have also been implemented.
There will be “Monster Hunter Rise” (Ver.10), which includes additional monsters such as “The Strange Hellish Valfaruk”, “Oonazuchi”, “Theo Tescatl”, and “Kushala Daora”, as well as specification changes and game balance adjustments , is reflected. As you progress through the game and increase your hunter rank, you can hunt powerful monsters that are added in updates.
In addition, event quests where special rewards can be obtained will be distributed from the release date, with some exceptions.

  • “Monster Hunter Rise”for

Lively hunting instinct!
Dynamic endless action that brings a new style to hunting. A new area where you can ascend as you wish. Monsters that bring unknown excitement and surprises. An unprecedented hunting experience awaits hunters in “Monster Hunter Rise”!

・ Bring a new styleAction “Kakerimushi”.

Shomu, which flies in the specified direction and attracts hunters with its special “Tetsumu Thread”, further evolves hunting, and when combined with unique attacks for each of the 14 types of weapons , new hunting stages are possible to be born.

・Monsters with unique ecology

Starting with the monster “Magai Magado” which is the symbol of this work, unique monsters with Japanese flavor and monster motifs, familiar monsters in the series will appear one after another.

・ “Soryu” handles monsters dynamically

Handle rampant monsters and unleash exciting actions.

・ Palicoes supports hunting

In addition to “Otomo Airou” who supports hunters, a new encouraging companion “Otomo Garuku” has appeared!
In single play, you can bring two animals together to hunt, and the combination is free. When riding a Garuk, you can operate it freely, and you can quickly move anywhere in the field without consuming the hunter’s stamina.

・Legend of Kamura Village

The village of Kamura is in a difficult situation as the first disaster in 50 years, “Hyakuryu Yakou,” is about to happen.
Aiming for the top as a hunter, the hero must unite with his friends in the village to overcome this disaster.

・ “Hyakuryu Yakou” where many monsters attack

Hyakuryu Yakou is a big attack of[gyr]which includes multiple monsters and a large game that guides them.
Against multiple monsters, not only hunting equipment and weapons, but also “Soryu” that handles monsters dynamically will be used to face the big attack.

· maximum4-player co-op multiplayer* Voice chat support
In Gathering Hall Quests, up to 4 players can play multiplayer. Use the lobby to gather in your base, invite others to join you during a quest, and challenge the hunt with other players.

*Xbox Live Gold membership (paid) is required to use online multiplayer on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.
* To use online multiplayer on PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4, you need to subscribe to PlayStation®Plus (paid).

・ Beginner support armor useful for the early stages of the game will be distributed as free downloadable content!

The armor “Gild Cross Series” and the talisman “Tenka no talisman” will be distributed as free download content from the release date, which will allow you to progress smoothly with the early quests.

  • “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” will include an extremely large (paid) expansion in the spring of 2023is released.

A new hunting experience awaits you.
* To play additional content, the main game “Monster Hunter Rise” is required.

Product Name: Monster Hunter Rise
(exclusive download)
Publication date: Scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023
Compatible models: Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows 11, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4
Genre: Hunting Action
Number of players: 1 (during online multiplayer: up to 4)
CERO Score: C (for ages 15 and over)
* This product for the Nintendo Switch is for sale./Steam®“Monster Hunter Rise” EditionThe basic content of the game is the same. through a compatible platformgame is hardbody and controllerlikeThere are some differences due to the specifications.

* Super large expansion content “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”]: Scheduled for release in spring 2023

* The logos of Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Xbox are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or its affiliates.

* “PlayStation”, “PS5” and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

* The screen is being developed.

The content of this release is information for Japan. The content is subject to change without notice.

See the official website for details
raised beast hunter“Official site(Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One,Windows 10, Windows 11、PlayStation®5、PlayStation®4版)


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