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High speed collection quest with time attack element

The latest event quest “Get a lot of rings in your hands!” Of the software “Monster Hunter Rise” for Nintendo Switch started today on November 26, 2021 (Friday).

This is a collaboration quest with the popular game “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

Collect 200 rings scattered around the site of the shrine, and depending on the time, you can get 3 figurines such as “Sonic”.

Not only fans of the series, but also an interesting event that can be enjoyed as a time attack.

Run around for the fastest in the hunter world

Route selection and accurate handling are the keys

Achieve your goal by collecting 200 of your favorite rings from the rings scattered around the site of the shrine.

No monsters will appear, and you can concentrate on the challenge while listening to Sonic’s BGM.

I would like hunters who are not familiar with the series to enjoy raising the volume a little.

▲ The position of the ring is also shown on the map. Let’s attack your favorite route by referring to the mini map.

There are two patterns of rings, a straight line (10 pieces) and a circle (20 pieces).

The arrangement can be confirmed firmly from the map, and the current acquisition amount and elapsed time are also displayed on the left side of the screen.

▲ 10 in the case of a straight line. Get on the Gark and get it quickly with a dash.

▲ In the case of a circle, there are as many as 20 but it is difficult to collect. It is better to avoid it if you assume time attack.

Let’s aim for layered clothes of Otomo and 3 figurines



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