“Monster Pinball” commemorates the 7th anniversary of the launch of the traditional Chinese version, and a collaboration event for the animation “Attack on Titan” is confirmed! | 4Gamers

For the 7th anniversary of the operation of the traditional Chinese version of the mobile game “Monster Pinball”, in addition to announcing a special event, a collaboration event with the animation “Attack on Titan” will be launched!

The animation “Attack on Titan” is adapted from the super-popular manga work of cartoonist Isayama. It has been serialized on “Bezel Shonen Magazine” since 2009. The cumulative number of comics issued worldwide has exceeded 100 million. It is a depiction of humans and giants. Dark fantasy works of battle between.

In this cooperative event, the protagonist “Allen Yeka” will be the lead, “Mikhatha Akaman”, “Almin Yaruret”, “Sasha Blaus”, “Lee Many characters such as “Guardian” will appear in “Monster Pinball”. Among them, Allen, Mikhatha, and the captain can deify the beast.

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And if you break through the cooperative activity adventure “survey outside the wall of the investigative corps” during this cooperative event, you can get “The King of the Wall, Histria Reis (★6)” or “Hanji Zoye, the leader of the investigative corps.” (★6)”.

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Part of the giants in the animation “Attack on Titan” will appear in the advent adventure. Moreover, after playing the cooperative event adventure, there will occasionally be a “super extreme” difficulty cooperative event adventure “Complete Game” (★5 Gek)!

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At the same time, in order to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the listing of the traditional Chinese version of “Monster Pinball”, a sharing lottery will be held on the official Facebook! As long as you share the post of the 7th anniversary special drawing during the event period, you can participate in the lucky draw.

The official also specially offered the “Salmon” event. As long as the real name contains the word “Salmon” (the same pronunciation and the same word), the registration event will give you 100 orbs and characters! For more information, please refer to Monster Pinball’s official Facebook fan page.



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