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Monza The official announcement agreed to cancel the contract. Andrea Ranocchia Experiential Center back with the consent of both parties

Monza has officially announced the termination of the contract with experienced referee Andrea Ranocchia. with the consent of both parties After joining the team for only 3 months

Ranocchia has moved from Inter Milan to Monza. Free, willing to sign a contract for 2 years before the team cancels the contract later.

Serie A newcomers Monza have thanked the 34-year-old defender on the club’s official Twitter account. He said, “Monza would like to thank Ranocchia for the three months they spent together. and wish him the best in the future.”

In August, Ranocchia made his new club debut against Napoli, with the 34-year-old defender having only 48 minutes on the pitch due to an ankle and shin injury.

The doctors have examined the injuries strictly. But from the last exam the Italian will be back intact between February and March next year.

This causes the News to cancel the team’s contract. Because of concern that he will not play in his best form after injury. And they don’t want to receive a salary without playing, which Monza accepts and does as he wishes

Monza agrees to terminate the contract with 'Ranocchia' |  News from Taiger

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