MooInk Plus 2C 7.8-inch, the first color reader with a Kaleido 3 panel

According to the survey conducted by Reading Moo, the most used reading devices on the Readmoo e-book platform are still the moolnk series readers, which account for 40% of the total reading time. It can be expected that readers still use readers as the primary device for viewing e-book vehicles.

For many years, e-book readers have been dominated by black and white color rendering. Since the mooInk C color reader test model was launched in Taiwan in 2019, Taiwanese readers have increased their attention to color readers. However, due to technical and cost issues, there are still not many choices of color readers on the market, and only mooInk C sold a limited number of 800 units that year. In 2020, the growth will be more than 200%, and in 2022, it will grow 20% compared to 2021. Based on the above factors, the inquiry and demand for color reader products is gradually heating up.

Until April 2022, E Ink announced the launch of the E Ink Kaleido 3 color printing electronic paper module, which has significantly improved color performance and reading comfort Feel the upgrade.

In view of this, MooInk also predicts that 2023 will be the first year of color e-book readers, and is the first to launch the 7.8-inch mooInk Plus 2C color reader with a Kaleido 3 panel in January this year (2023). ), which is currently only available for pre-order However, what is surprising is that Dumo displayed a range of real mooInk Plus 2C machines at the booth during the International Book Fair, and the author also took the opportunity to try it out quickly. on the spot.

Vibrance increased by 30%, blue light decreased by 60%

mooInk Plus 2C is the first color reader with an E Ink Kaleido 3 color electronic paper panel. It uses the principle of RGB color display to make the black and white electronic paper film present a warm and moist color display performance. In terms of color presentation, compared to the previous generation of Kaleido Plus color electronic paper panel, the new Kaleido 3 has improved the color vibrancy by 30%, and the color resolution can reach 150ppi, providing more vivid colors and clear text display effects, which are conducive to a rich display Content of the image, such as magazines, picture books, and comics.

Not only that, because E Ink Kaleido 3 is also equipped with a new “E Ink ComfortGaze” front light technology, this technology can reduce the amount of blue light reflected from the display surface by adjusting the wavelength, providing better comfort when reading, and the above Compared to the previous generation of light design, it can reduce the amount of blue light by 60%, which can reduce the burden on the eyes for those who are used to read for a long time or at night.

Better hardware, more flexible operation

In terms of hardware specifications, in order to improve the sensitivity and smoothness of operation, this time mooInk Plus 2C has a built-in 1.8 GHz quad-core processor. At the same time, considering that most color readers are mainly for reading comics and magazines, compared to text books, A volume of comics basically starts from episodes 2 and 30. Therefore, the built-in storage space is specially increased to 128GB, so that comic lovers have plenty of capacity to collect the entire set of works. , the cushioning parts of the “aluminium-magnesium middle frame” are presented to the reader, effectively reducing the chance of screen breakage and improving durability.

Software functions continue to evolve

This time, MooInk is also optimizing and upgrading software functions in response to reader feedback, and mooInk Plus 2C will also have complete new software functions when it leaves the factory, including power saving mode, 4 color modes, overview page , and new “series” filter Items, two new fonts and redundant image settings, etc. have been added.

Although the power saving book is one of the main features of the e-book reader, it is an electronic product after all, and there will always be a day when the battery runs out In order to extend the reader’s battery life, Dumo added “power saving mode” in the reader. When you enable this mode, the system will automatically turn off Wi-Fi and reduce the touch response when you are reading a book. After you exit the reading state, the system will automatically connect back to Wi-Fi and restore the control sensitivity, no additional settings are required.

MooInk also has four built-in color modes for mooInk Plus 2C, which allow readers to freely choose and change their favorite color effects when reading color books. After the author’s trial on the site, the effect of this color mode on picture books or picture books is more obvious, especially the different color modes have obvious differences in the color and texture of the character’s skin.

(Dumo notes that the current four color modes are still in the final modification stage, the following color mode comparison chart is for reference only)

mooInk Plus 2C also has a recently added “Overview” page, where important books and reading target information are displayed first, so that the reading status is immediately clear.

  • Added “coriander body, phonetic coriander body”

In order to make the Taiwanese characters in e-books (such as Zuohuo, Yuantou, etc.) fully displayed, Dumo also added a brand new “Xiangxiang font” in the reader to avoid missing characters and typing inconvenience. “Phonetic Coriander” was added to facilitate children to read more books.