Moon Hee-joon, the father who became a ‘bully lump’… I don’t know what to do [오은영 게임]

[마이데일리 = 김나라 기자] ‘Oh Eun-Young Game’ prescribes play for actors Ahn Jae-wook, Jung Jun-ho, In Gyo-jin, singer Moon Hee-jun, and former baseball player Lee Dae-ho who want be good fathers.

The recently released trailer for the second episode of ENA’s ‘Oh Eun-Young Game’ begins in a mysterious atmosphere with the sound of a phone call coming from somewhere. When Dr. answered From Eun-young on the phone, I heard the ‘cry’ of fathers who want to be good fathers. Moon Hee-joon expressed his worries, saying, “I don’t know what to do,” and continued to argue with his daughter Hee-yul.

Subsequently, Ahn Jae-wook was also portrayed being beaten by his daughter Su-hyeon. He was embarrassed by his daughter’s anger, saying, “How to change the atmosphere…”. It stimulates the curiosity about how the fathers became goblin lumps.

In response to the fathers’ complaints, Dr. Oh Eun-young announced the first play tutorial, saying, “I will play a cognitive game that can help develop the cognitive domain.”

Looking at the various play kingdoms prepared, In Gyo-jin and So Yi-hyun couple their interest exploded, saying, “It will really be fun.” However, the fathers are still clumsy and start playing uncomfortably (?) with the children. Lee Dae-ho encouraged his son, Ye-seung, and Jung Jun-ho and Moon Hee-jun showed a body goblin of destroying a play set, drawing laughter.

For fathers who were struggling, Dr. Then, he said, “You may feel that you hate yourself,” representing the feelings of the children, and gave parents a great realization.

Dr. Oh Eun-young commented on the play scene of Lee Dae-ho and his son Ye-seung as an example, and Ye-seung appeared, who became sullen because of his unresponsive father. Dr explained. From Eun-young the child’s behavior, saying, “There are times when he looks at his father with his eyes wide open. The child waits for his father’s reaction because he wants to hear praise.” It raises expectations about what changes will occur in fathers’ and children’s playtime.

The identity of the first part of ‘Playing Tutorial’ can be seen in ‘Oh Eun-young Game’, which is broadcast on ENA at 8:30pm on the 31st.

[사진 = ENA]

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