Moon visits a stage in the race to survive

Moon visits a stage in the race to survive

In a world of little innovation, it is difficult to express excitement, the excitement of expectation, the possibility – and the victory for God's on-the-capitalism, too difficult at first moon capture, 50 years ago today. It was, even on black-and-white television, falling out.

You could, as the whole neighborhoods circled televisions wondering whether this miracle was going to happen, a pin dropped on a street. While the first Irish-American president, John F Kennedy, drove the project, it is more difficult to express the particular impact of the remarkable Rubicon crossing event in Ireland.

It may seem very important to see this great step through a green prism, even for a moment, but the chasm between Neil Armstrong's life and that of his contemporaries 1969 was so great that there was a cultural impact of landing The moon, at least in Ireland, is probably the most significant result.

The reality could be opening unlimited galaxies to the rest of the world, but it opened a transformative scientific power to the people of Ireland in an unprecedented way. Fortunately, never missed the opportunity, the exciting example.

Less than a year earlier, Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI was published and the old Ireland reaffirmed, where the piety under spirituality, an authority that was going away was much faster than his. could be imagined. While science has taken on the challenge of long-term scenes, Rome renewed its medieval age.

It could be coincidental, but it is also clear, as America sent the first person to the moon, Ireland sent his first wife to the Eurovision Song Contest, also the first person from Northern Ireland. (Muriel's Day of Wages of Love was sung in Madrid Franco.)

Today's wonderful commemoration provides an opportunity for other comparisons. The space race was a good American anti-war, of course – and evil, the Soviet Red Union, naturally. The world is shared today, although it is not like the same lines.

Tragically, today, America seems to be more in line with, and in breach of, the forces that challenged them in 1969. Under President Donald Trump, his imagination cannot be reached after 2020 , much smaller than the moon, the country that brought the world NeilArmstrong and Buzz Aldrin is more comfortable with turn-back, medieval values ​​and nativist autonomy.

Two years ago, one of the most famous scientists in our time, the former theoretical physician Stephen Hawking, American president, discouraged.

“Unlike Donald Trump, the most serious and wrong decision could be made [pulling America out of the Paris climate accord] on the climate that this world has seen, I argue that the future of humanity and a long-term strategy to achieve this, ”said Hawking. He warned that within 100 years we must colonize new life-sustaining planets.

In view of this, and as we seem to be unable to repair our destructive ways, we may need to rewrite an exciting JFK voice address somewhat.

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade, and we do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are difficult,” he said. Now, if you take Hawking's warning, we must see the 1969 landing as a first step in the survival of human race and instead of JFK's “hard” with urgency.

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