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Moonlight on the fifth day of October︳Re-create the classics of the millennium

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Moonlight on the fifth day of October︳Re-create the classics of the millennium

TVB’s second batch of Taiwan celebration dramas will appear this week! At 8:30 there will be “Moonlight on the Fifth of October” airing. This year’s two sets of Taiqing dramas “Benevolent Doctor under the Stars” and “The Truth about Changing Life” had no live ratings of 20 points until the final week. Kas’s strong “Star” results are nothing more than this, and the newcomer’s “Ten” is even more worrying.

After all, “Moonlight on the Fifth of October” broadcast in 2000 was really popular: Cheung Chi-lin, who has a guaranteed ratings, matched Charmaine Sheh, who appeared at the beginning of the year but had a good audience, and has the taste of an idol drama. The Macau filming attracted the audience to watch it. Traveling on the ground, it became the top ratings in the year, and even overwhelmed the “Men’s Love” which was a good hit in the same year.

十月初五的月光︳千禧年經典再造 澳門變流浮山 胡鴻鈞何依婷考牌之作

Moonlight on the fifth day of October︳Re-create the classics of the millennium

Twenty-one years later, many people don’t share the same view: the old version had an average ratings of 36 points, and the same TV show at 9:30 might get half of the ratings. Because of the epidemic, I went to the port to go to Macau for shooting. The story turned out to be in Lau Fau Shan. 21 years ago, Macau had a few casinos, and there were too many homes, but it was rumored that the regulations were to be revised and gambling stocks were introduced first. In terms of the character setting of the series, Aunt Q and Wan Zhu Shahua become mother and daughter, and Jun Hao is Aunt Q’s grandson. The new version of the first brother Tong Junhao is taken over by Hu Hongjun and He Yiting. Hu Hongjun’s number of fans is not small and he has also filmed dramas. Shooting Zhang Zhilin will win more than losing one or two times. He Yiting really needs to have an “admiring” level of acting skills, and she can successfully obtain a pass to the next level first.

Instead of filming “Fifth Day of October” in Macau, the most Macau flavor is to bring back this story and shoot it many times. I want to put it into a big name for a Taiqing drama — Does it seem to be worth buying?

十月初五的月光︳千禧年經典再造 澳門變流浮山 胡鴻鈞何依婷考牌之作

Moonlight on the fifth day of October︳Re-create the classics of the millennium

Episode One (11/22)

In the 1980s, Zhu Shajiao took her daughters Sa Sa and Sa Hua to live with her daughters Sa Sa and Sa Hua in the 1980s until Sha Hua and Sa Sa fell in love with Zhu Zhanhui. Since then, the three mothers and daughters have undergone irreversible changes… Wen Guifang misunderstood her boyfriend and Sha Hua fooled around, and even poured his relative Wen Chu into bleach in a rage, causing him to become dumb. As soon as Guifang left, Sha Jiao adopted the beginning of the article for the atonement. She was pregnant with Zhanhui’s flesh and blood, and because she didn’t want to delay Zhanhui’s future, she broke up cruelly. Unfortunately, she concealed that he gave birth to his daughter, Junhao, and died in dystocia. There are thieves in Liufu Mountain. Jun Hao, who has become a young girl, returns at night. Wen Chu came to pick her up at the entrance of the village. Jun Hao took the initiative to follow the thief…

Episode Two (11/23)

Wenchu ​​has always wanted to find a long-term job, but because of his disability, he has no job opportunities. Wan Peijian has repeatedly encountered difficulties in acquiring the restaurant. His mother Shahua used extraordinary means to handle the group’s business, and later encountered villagers who came to make trouble. When Shahua learned that Shajiao would sing at the Chamber of Commerce dinner, she opposed her public appearance. Wen Chu works smoothly in the pharmacy, but being bullied by his boss and deducted from his salary, he can only be dumb and forbearing. Jun Hao insists on seeking justice for Wen Chu. Wenchu ​​encounters a young and promising Situ Lixin, and the two work together to save a choked child and establish a friendship. Li Xin had a rift with Jun Hao due to a misunderstanding, and even lost precious photos. Li Xin was trapped in the wooden house in order to retrieve the photos, and the wooden house suddenly caught fire…

Episode Three (11/24)

Wen Chuyong rescued Li Xin who was trapped in the fire, Jun Hao felt that Li Xin caused Wen Chu to be injured. Shahua’s daughter Wan Peiqi introduced Lixin to join Wanhua Shengshi Group; Wenchu, Jun Hao and others met Peiqi at the barbecue site, and the two sides had a dispute. Jun Hao finds that Li Xin is working for Wan Shiguang and is even more prejudiced against him. At the beginning of Wen and Li Xin exposed that the villager Rong was the culprit of the arson, and Jun Hao knew that Li Xin was wrong. Sha Jiao insisted on attending the business performance, Jun Hao suggested to accompany her as a dancer, touched Sha Jiao’s heart hurt, and finally decided to resign. Sha Hua misunderstood that Sha Jiao canceled the show for her own sake, and brought a gift to show her favor. When she learned the truth, she blamed Sha Jiao for being partial, but she caught a glimpse of a figure she hadn’t seen for many years on the street…

Episode Four (11/25)

Wen Chu and Jun Hao specially set up fan groups and arranged a live broadcast for Sha Jiao, Sha Jiao was moved. Shahwa met Zhanhui again when he was out to talk about official business. He felt disappointed when he learned that the other party was married, and Zhanhui suddenly knew that Sasha had already passed away. The two revisited the old place, and Sahua promised to introduce business partners to Zhanhui. Jun Hao was shocked to see Wen Chu and Li Xin’s intimacy, causing repeated misunderstandings. The truth is that Li Xin recommended Wen Chu to serve as a TV station sign language translator. Sha Jiao, a confidant for many years, Quan Haijing, learned that her grandson was ill, and went to the city to visit the city, but her son Quan Gudong reacted coldly. When Jun Hao was shocked to hear that Shiguang was about to reclaim the small open space for development, everyone was angry at Li Xin, thinking that he was an accomplice.

Episode 5 (11/26)

Li Xin proposed to Shahua to rebuild the secret base, but Shahua refused. Sahua was tired of the scandals of Shiguang, and warned Shiguang again and again. Shahua got close to Zhanhui for excuses by pouring her sorrow with wine, and the two were embarrassed. Jiang Yiwen was suddenly taken away. It turned out that Peiqi made Ji Yinsheng appear to retaliate against him; Shiguang and later appeared to teach Jinsheng severely, and the two fathers and sons were like enemies. Jin Sheng recalled the past, and his mother, Jin Soying, was in debt and desperate. She went to Shiguang for help but failed. Eventually, Soyoung committed suicide by jumping off the building. Junhao knew that Li Xin had worked hard for Xiaokongdi, and gradually changed his outlook. Zhanhui encounters Junhao who looks like Sa Sa; meanwhile, Junhao inquires about the news of his biological father Zhanhui…

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