“Mor Yong” pointed out that the “Covid” situation had improved. it will start less from today

On 19 September 65, Professor Dr Yong Phu Worawan, head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatrics Posted a message through Yong Poovorawan’s private Facebook that …

Covid 19, the disease situation is improving all the time.

We have seen that the situation with COVID-19 has continued to improve. From the general assessment More than 40 percent of people have been vaccinated with 2 injections, 80 percent, 3 doses, and from the information we have, we can still estimate that. About 70 percent of those infected have been put together. It can be seen that the majority of the population Or almost all of them are immune, whether due to vaccination or infection, especially since January.

We still want those at risk or at risk to get at least 4 doses of vaccine at least 4. Healthy people under 60 should get at least 3 shots.

therefore making the trend of disease better means all the time seasonal disease starts less from this until the end of the year and will meet higher again, but not very high in the winter After the new year until March , it has decreased and will increase again in June next year to September again. but it will be less than this year and everyone will be able to adapt All conditions are the same as the flu.

Yesterday, I went to Hat Yai and saw the atmosphere and normal life was back as usual. There has always been a better trend. It is believed that the overall overview is better. including tourism children going to school There will be no drama about vaccines.

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