“Mor Yong” recommends vaccination with inactivated vaccine followed by mRNA to reduce side effects.

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24 Sep 2021 10:35 a.m.

“Mor Yong” A single dose of mRNA vaccination with immunity is not enough to prevent coronavirus The first inoculation followed by mRNA could be a solution to alleviate the side effects.

On September 24, 2021, Prof. Dr. Yong Phu Worawan, head of the Center specializes in virology. Clinic, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a story “Initial dose of vaccination and stimulation of the second dose” It states that the initial inactivated vaccine would be a good primer. and followed by stimulation vector virus or mRNA

inactivated vaccine There are very few side effects such as injection site pain, headache, fever, body aches. Compared to vector viral vaccines or mRNA, there were more cross-over vaccines. Starting with the inactivated Sinovac vaccine, followed by Astrazeneca or Pfizer, the immunity is similar to the 2 doses of the Astrazeneca or Pfizer vaccine, as shown in the figure. resistance at 1 month)

Alternate vaccination begins with vector virus, astrazeneca, followed by mRNA, Pfizer, maximizing immunity in the case of 2 doses.

For mRNA, the second dose had more side effects than the first dose. The side effects of myocarditis in adolescents after mRNA administration were more common in the second dose, which was a concern for parents. And some countries recommend a single mRNA, for which a single immune mRNA dose is not sufficient to prevent it.

alternate vaccination start The first dose of inactivated vaccine, followed by the second dose of mRNA, resulted in a single dose of mRNA, likely a solution to alleviate the side effects. More studies, especially safety, should be studied. and side effects in alternating vaccination Initiation death followed by mRNA in adolescents. Vaccine switch sequence Affects immunity.

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