“Mor Yong” reveals the results of the study. 3 injections after receiving 2 injections of inactivated vaccine.

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15 Jan 2022 11:29 a.m.

“Mor Yong” disclose research results Complete 2 injections of inactivated vaccination and then stimulate with 3 needles. The immunity is very high. Ready to say that in the past we lost a lot of opportunities from the impairment of inactivated vaccines

On January 15, 2022, Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message via facebook story. “Three injections after two injections of deadly vaccine,” indicating that the research data of the center It is clearly visible and has been published in the journal. that giving 2 full doses of inactivated vaccination is a very good foundation For the 3rd needle stimulation with Virus Vector (Astrazeneca) or mRNA (Pfizer) vaccine, we can see that the immune stimulation was very high, up to 2 log scale, or about 100 times, and such immunity. Able to thwart alpha and delta species as well. In addition, CMIR cellular studies found a positive response.

Now, a number of international studies have been followed published in MedRxiv by European and Chinese teams studying mRNA activation following the synovac vaccine as highly active as ours. Flooring with 2 needles of dead yeast is therefore a good method for subsequent stimulation. and have a very high immune system And probably blocking Omikron too.

From our study, we can see that Boosting the needle 3 if using the inactivated live vaccine. Immunity was only 1 log or about 10 times higher, but with astrazeneca it was about 2 log or almost a hundred times higher, if mRNA was 200 times higher when comparing the side effects of the three vaccines. The inactivated vaccine clearly had the fewest side effects. We are currently conducting further studies on the inhibition reaction to omikron strains. using an omicron isolated in Thailand. The results will come out next week.

There is also support from studies in Indonesia, Brazil that are affiliated with Oxford, and will continue to be supported and recognized around the world. The third needle stimulation study After the cross vaccination Sinovac + Astrazeneca It’s done now. will be displayed in the next opportunity and published in international journals In the past we lost a lot of opportunities. from the impairment of inactivated vaccines.

Thanks Facebook: Yong Poovorawan

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