Moral gang attack in Thiruvananthapuram; Students who came to see Kerala Fellanical rock were beaten | Deshabhimani

Mangalapuram > Female students who came to visit Vengode Vellanikal Para were morally attacked. The incident that happened on the 4th last year became known after the video footage shot by passers-by came out. The incident happened at around 3pm on the 4th.

The students of Potthankot School had come to their classmates’ house. He was attacked when he went to visit the nearby tourist spot, Vellanikalpara. They were interrogated and beaten by a group led by Manish (Cycle Umpiti) at the corner of Kambili’s Sreenarayanapuram house. In the film, he was chased and beaten on his hands and feet with a stick.

Three girls and one boy were beaten. Manish and his gang, who were under the influence of alcohol, abused and tried to attack the locals and passers-by who questioned them. The police arrived after being informed by the locals. On the complaint filed by the parent of one of the injured children, the Pothankot police took Manish into custody, but after filing a case under the minor section, the station released him on bail. Local people said that anti-social nuisance is on the rise in the area where hundreds of tourists visit every day. There is also a need to strengthen police patrolling.

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