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Both iOS and Android OS are often used by users to add features, fix bugs, and fix vulnerabilities.updateRequest.

Many people do not update immediately after receiving an update notification,iPhone users are more afraid of updates than Android users, The survey result was obtained.

About 40% will update the OS immediately

According to a Router-Network survey, the percentage of iOS users who update immediately when OS updates are available was about the same as 42% for iOS users and 41% for Android.

Survey results on OS updates

This percentage is more different between generations than the device you are using,Young people actively updateIt seems.

Forty-seven percent of Gen Z people born after the mid-1990s say they will update soon, while only 35% of those born between 1950 and 1964, called Baby Boomers, will update soon. There were no people.

iPhone users are more afraid of bugs due to updates

On the other hand, the results are divided between iPhone users and Android users as to the reason for not updating.

iPhone users ranked first (43%) because they were worried about problems associated with the update.However, it remained in second place with 34% of Android users.

on the other hand,The top reason why Android users don’t update is “I don’t have time” (35%)was.

Also, the percentage of people who do not update because of “worried about app compatibility” is 30% for Android, while 21% for iPhone, and Android users are more worried that the app will not be usable due to OS update. It seems.

Source: Router-Network via iMore



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