More choice for premium smartphones… Galaxy S23 also has an ultra model

(Seoul = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Kim Kyung-lim = In advance reservations for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S23, a preference for the ‘Ultra’ premium line products was evident.

SKT is starting to pre-open the Galaxy S23 series(Seoul = Yonhap News) SKT announced that it will start pre-opening the Galaxy S23 / S23 + / S23 Ultra from the 14th. The photo shows a SKT PR model presenting the Galaxy S23 at the Galaxy S23 Experience Zone set up at the Hongdae ICT Multiplex T Factory. 2023.2.14 [SKT 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

On the 14th, according to the mobile communication industry, etc., more than half of the Galaxy S23 Ultra model is in the Galaxy S23 Pre-Reservation, which was held by all carriers from the 7th to the previous day.

SK Telecom had 61%, KT had 54%, and LG U+ had more than 50%.

In particular, SK Telecom’s Ultra BMW M Edition was sold out on the first day of order, and the Starbucks Edition has also sold out soon.

In the case of KT, black, green, cream, and lavender were the most popular colors, while Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus (+) were popular in order of cream, black, lavender, and green.

In LG Uplus, black was also popular by more than 30%, and cream (25%), green (24%), and lavender (21%) received love calls from customers.

Even in the market research organization, the galaxy s23 will be able to look at the previous one.

DSCC, a market researcher specializing in display panels, noted that panel shipments for the Galaxy S23 would be 21% higher in the first five months.

Panel loads per series are expected to reach 35% for S23, 16% for S23+, and 49% for S23 Ultra.

During the same period, Galaxy S22 panel shipments were estimated at 33%, S22+ at 21%, and S22 Ultra at around 47%.

Galaxy S23 is highly featured with better camera performance and fast speed, battery life, etc. according to the mount of qualcomm application processor (AP).

The price was raised by about 150,000 won in Korea, but in North America, etc., it maintained the ultra standard of $ 1,199 and received a favorable response.

In particular, the reason why it gained popularity was that it offered 256GB for the price of 128GB for pre-order customers, and 512GB for the price of Ultra for the price of 256GB.

In addition, the fact that it can be bought at a low price through ‘trade-in’, which provides discounts when returning used phones, has contributed to the expansion of the initial market.

DSCC researcher David Naranzo said, “By next month, the share of S23 Ultra will increase to 26% and S23 to 30%. Overall, the share of S23 and Ultra models is expected to increase.”

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